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Feeding my fish.

Hi all,

Ok, I am a little stumped as to when and how much to feed my fish. I have been told by one person that you feed the fish as much as they can consume in 1 minute, and the guy at the fish store told me only once every other day.
I have tried both ways and when I feed them as much as they can consume in one minute everyday then they seem happy.
When I feed them every other day, on the days I don't feed them they all (only 4 of them) gather in the corner thats next to where I sit and look miserable like they are begging.

What is the proper way to feed them?
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Yea figuring out feeding can be a pain, I would at least feed them once a day, I know some people skip 1 day every week. I have read stuff that says what they can eat in 2 - 3 minutes and multiple times a day, all that got me was high nitrate levels. I would say once a day with an amount you feel right with.

On a similar note, ever since I got my Emerald Catfish I have been feeding sinking pellets too, the problem is EVERY FISH likes them, as soon as the flake food is gone everyone heads to the bottom for their second feeding, which of course is only meant for the Emerald Catfish in the tank. And by when I mean everyone, my Platys of course, Guppys, my Gourami loves them, hell even my Otos come off the side of the tank and plants and start feeding off the gravel with everyone else!!!! So I feed 1-2 mins of flakes and 3 pellets that have been broken apart so the Gourami doesn't push my catfish out of the way to get to the pellet.

I don't know if my feeding is right, but so far no one is starving or overly fat (besides the pregos).
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The only time I skip a day is if I feel that I've accidentally used a bit too much food one day. They're my pets and they get fed every day like my other pets. I don't see how skipping a day would be of benefit to the fish, so whether it's "proper" or not, I don't do it.

So, my answer is - decide what you are comfortable with. If you are doing something wrong like overfeeding, you'll notice the excess food in the tank and you'll get issues with the water, but otherwise opinions differ and you should pick what you are comfortable with. I think the main thing is not to overfeed, so if you aren't throwing in handfuls of food, you should be ok. The rest is up to you to decide which opinion you want to follow.
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I feed mine small amounts twice a day. Since they're all healthy and happy, I think that's the way to go. It take a lot of energy to keep swimming from one side of the tank to the other IMO.

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if they finish eating it and theres no left overs i see no reason why you need to skip a meal. whats the size of the tank and what are the fishes in it?

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Feeding routines vary a great deal among fish keepers. There are lots of people who like to not feed at least one day a week because they feel it is best to let their fish become a bit hungry now and then. Others of us feed every day but don't worry too much if we miss a day, we just don't miss that day on purpose. I have seen advice to feed every other day but it is not a place that I like to be with my tanks. I find that feeding regularly and generously, but not to excess, results in good growth and radiant health in my fish. When I am raising fry, I feed them several times each day but only tiny amounts each time. The fry do better when they always have a full belly.
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skipping a day is to allow them to clear their digestive tracks.

i personally like to rotate different foods through out the week allowing a variety of things. when they get fed different things, i feel its healthier for them.
to me, honestly flake is like flavored cardboard ( although i wouldnt know ) but thats what it seems like and brine shrimps not so great in nutrition so i choose spirulina enriched brine over the regular and other different foods are offered. some of the frozen foods seem good. live foods should be given if you want your fish in breeding condition, but dont go crazy with them. i just like to mix things up, as i dont like eating PB&J for breakfast, lunch and dinner every night of the week, and i doubt that would give me all the nutrition my body needs.
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My schedule

I usually feed my fish once or twice a day (small amounts), used to feed them 3 times a day but read that too much food contributed to my snail population. that's why I backed down on the times and amounts (snails are in check now). In my breeder tanks i feed a little more often 3-4 times but small amounts. Usually just use flakes, betta pellets and algae wafers, but on occasion a veggie treat or some brine shrimp.
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i feed mine twice a day. two pinches of food each feeding.
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It depends on the metabolism, temperature and species of your fish. A young oscar at 82F will need to be fed many times each day to maintain dietary requirements at such a high metabolism. A mature, large Oscar at 77F should only need fed two or three times per week. Fish like mollies and plecos that graze algae should absolutely not be forced to go a day without food, but remember your tank grows food for them in your away time. Then again, adult carnivorous plecos probably do not require the constant feedings of their vegetable-loving brethren. So the answer is- it depends on the fish. And the tank. And the food. And...

I try to keep my fish skinny, not underfed or overfed. Seems they do better that way. Carefully weigh advice from people with obese pets. They are killers and don't even know it.
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