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Fancy guppy lovers

This is a discussion on Fancy guppy lovers within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I have a question since I don't know much about guppies, I have 2 but not heavily involved with breeding ect but probably will ...

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Fancy guppy lovers

I have a question since I don't know much about guppies, I have 2 but not heavily involved with breeding ect but probably will try and pick up a nice male if I see one since mine are both female.

What do you look for in a guppy (color, fin ect) wise to let you know that it is a good choice.

For example if I wanted a red guppy am I looking for a uniform red color with the longest fins possible? or a certain shape of fin? size of body? personality? ect.

I saw one at the lfs the other day he was half gray and half black he was very stunning, his fins were very long and almost shinny and the way he moved around the water really made him stand out form the other males in that particular tank.

Would love to see some pics of your guppies as well.

ETA that these are what my females look like, they are dark brown/black with dark blue fins. What would be a good compliment for them in a male?

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If I am buying a guppy I look for colour and long flowing tail. Just make sure the tail doesn't have any bits taken out of it as this is a sign of an unhealthy fish. Unfortunately my two guppies died last week so I cannot take a picture for you
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I am sorry

I have used my 2 guppies to cycle 2 tanks now and they are doing well, lots of fun to watch. But no babies from them of course I don't have a male but I am sure the stress of cycling 2 tanks has effected them. But they are hardy fish that's for sure.
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Just look for a healthy and vigorous male of a similar colour type to your females. there are lots of different tail types and sizes, you're looking for a Fish that carries its fins well no matter what type. You'll find that most Guppies you'll find in your LFS lack dorsal fin size rather than tail size, a long tailed Guppy's dorsal fin should reach and overlap it's tail fin according to show standards.

The stress of cycling tanks won't have any long term effect on your females, they're very tough little Fish.

Only buy one male per two-three females, it will stop the females being endlessly harassed.
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I look for guppys with nice colours.. And not to latge fins but a 'decent size... Dont by a guppy with a slightly bent tail, like i did he passed away after 2 weeks....
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