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Which do you think is better

Due to a busy summer schedule I fell behind on my tank maintence. I didn't realize how long I went without a water change, about a month. My 20 Hex is fine, I never have problems with that tank. My 20 Long, though. . . I lost a swordtail this week and my betta has fin rot. Do you think it is better to do frequent water changes (I am thinking 10 - 15% every other day) or treat with Quick Cure? I find that usually bettas get better with daily water changes, but I have 2 swordstails, 2 corys, and a clown pleco in with the betta.
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I would not medicate unless necessary. Over the years i have found that most problems can be solved by improving water conditions and feeding a variety of good foods. Your fish has a natural immunity that will fight off infection and repair damaged tissues, if you give it the opportunity by providing good water conditions.

I vote for 10% daily water changes. You might consider feeding an antibacterial flake food, as a preventative until the fish are back to normal.
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I've started 10% daily water changes. The stress level has seemed to come down a bit, everyone is swimming normally. I quick cured the tank last night, just as a little bonus. I left the carbon in, so I know the meds won't cycle for long, but that's okay. I am only going to take some out when I do my water change today. Thank you for your help.
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I would probably do 15-20% changes if you've forgotten to change the water for like a month.

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