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Do female mollies "wear out"?

My female molly has had babies twice. She's acting very strange; staying on the bottom -- and is only very slilghtly distended. So I have 2 questions. If she's been giving birth to about 20 fry each time, is it likely/possilbe that she may have only a few in her?

She may be dying. Do females "wear out" faster than males because of the birth-giving?

Excuse me if these seem like dumb questions. Everyone has to start somewhere:=)
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Seems to me that they could definitely wear out. But I wouldn't think 2 birthing sessions would really harm anything. Sounds to me like their is another underlying problem somewhere, not necessarily of your doing. She might have something wrong internally. Personally Ive never bred mollies but I know the guppies in my old 55G community tank would reproduce monthly and never seemed to show any signs of stress. All we are doing is trying to reproduce their natural environment as closely as we possibly can, what happens after that is purely mother natures work. Some fish just cant handle birthing as well as others.

Same with us humans. My wife gives birth like its nothing, while other women can be in labor for more than a day!

Hopefully someone else chimes in with some better info for you though. Good luck!

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What's your ratio males/ females there in your tank? That often can stress gals out too

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