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Cories in a Guppy Tank?

This is a discussion on Cories in a Guppy Tank? within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should. I'm sure I could keep them in a 5 gallon or even a ...

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Cories in a Guppy Tank?
Old 09-04-2013, 10:20 PM   #11
jaysee's Avatar
Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should. I'm sure I could keep them in a 5 gallon or even a 2.5 for that matter....To be honest I don't know why you would condone someone keeping their fish in conditions that are less than preferable.
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Old 09-04-2013, 11:20 PM   #12
Aluyasha's Avatar
Thank you for all the suggestions everyone. I am not dead set on getting more fish to go with the guppies. I was just curious what my options are. I of course would not want to crunch fish together in a tank they are unhappy in.
I am looking for bigger tanks as always. And am on the lookout for a 20g for the guppies (honestly I do not like the 10g). I want all of my fish to be as happy and healthy as possible. I feel obligated as a human to make sure all my domestic pets are getting what they need. :)

I will keep the idea of kuhli loaches for when I get a bigger tank and have room for some interesting bottom dwellers.
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Old 09-05-2013, 03:00 AM   #13
Sylverclaws's Avatar
Oh please, don't bite off my head, it's hurting my feelings a bit. I certainly don't mind being corrected, I don't know everything either. I never said anyone SHOULD get them, I said they could. After all, how many recommended guppies for a ten gallon when they shouldn't be in anything smaller than fifteen gallons? I didn't see anyone protesting that, and it's a fish, like bettas, who are often abused and put in tanks too small or even killed intentionally for cycling tanks. They have a higher bioload than Kuhli's and are also very active. That does not make it right, but if you give info going against it, then please do so properly for all.

What I recommended was Cherry, amano or ghost shrimp. I also stated Kuhli loaches -could- go in there if things were settled and properly stocked, and that a bigger tank in the future would be more preferable for all.
A ten gallon tank is at best suited for a betta and a few snails or shrimp, or even a pair of African Dwarf Frogs. It's also fine for a QT tank for smaller fish. It's hard to find people who do what they -should- do for the fish, because nobody bothers to give proper info, they just bite. Why not give the girl a recommended tank size, substrate and water params over just saying it's wrong? My kuhli's were moved to a twenty gallon less than six months after purchasing them...and then they bred like rats. ^^; Oh my, I gave away over eighty I think within six more months. But that's not the problem, just a warning. lol Sometimes they'll breed A LOT when kept properly, and I suggest proper care over improper care.

Anywho, it's fine for a QT tank when you get your new one though, Aluyasha. I also wouldn't SUGGEST them for a smaller tank. They're small and have a small bioload and so could be kept in it, but others have brought up the valid point of: They're pretty active little things and do like to zoom. If you get a bigger tank, and can afford it, I'd suggest 30 gallon, long tanks. You could pick cories or loaches in a larger tank like that, and give them proper space. Do not neglect the proper substrate though. Sand is best, but rounded, smooth rocks can work for cories...I'm not sure with loaches, they may try to get under them and get stuck or hurt, so sand would be the way to go. Get a color that suits your guppies and would make the darker loaches show well, unless you go for the banded dwarves who are yellow and black. Be sure you don't mix them up with their bigger cousins! There are a few of the yellow and black species, one of which I know of personally gets quite huge and can also be aggressive. So be sure to check the species out online first, petshops often mix them up.

If you keep your ten gallon as is, cycled and nice, it would be perfect for QTing new fish. It may not be PREFERABLE, or even suitable to keep loaches or cories in, but for two or three weeks when you'll want to look at them and possibly treat them for illnesses, smaller tanks are better because you have less medicine you'll have to use and easier treatment ranges. I do suggest you use it for QTing over just adding them to a new tank because they look fine, often fish do and then get sick and spread it a few days later.

Whichever creature you choose, be sure to research that exact species water parameter, feeding, compatibility, tank sizes and temp needs before purchasing them, and make sure your tank stats STAY stable for a few weeks first. Fluxes can hurt them. With cories, there are several species. Some like cooler waters, some like it warmer, some like harder water, and some like softer, and some, though smaller, like more space and larger groups(most cories are kept in minimum groups of 3-5, when preferable, proper shoals are 8-10+ requiring 30+ gallon tanks). So be sure to check it out. In smaller tanks I recommend proper shoals of 8 or so of smaller species like julii's or pygmies. If you want proper groups of larger species that get 2.5-3 inches, you'll want a bigger tank. Same with loaches, loaches also like larger groups than they're often kept in, usually 12+. The smaller species still need 20-25 gallon tanks if you want them in proper groups.

Now then, if I've misinformed, I'm willing to listen to suggestions from people who have actually properly owned them, but please don't trample it, add to it, or you can go ahead and confuse people and get them so mixed up they hurt their tanks and fish when they care enough to ask about it. =)

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Old 09-05-2013, 03:32 AM   #14
Aluyasha's Avatar
So I think I have found a solution. My Marbled crayfish has been increasingly more aggressive in the 20g so I have moved her into the 10g alone (she is about 3 inches and should not get much bigger). And I now have the guppies (4 adults and 5 fry) in the 20g. Right now the guppies are living with some balloon molly fry (very very small) and some platy fry. The platy and molly fry will be going into the 29g (there is room for them, it will not be overstocked) when they are just a little bit bigger and after that the guppies will own the tank. :)
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