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From what I can tell, my tanks have a columnaris issue. It looks like strain two, as they appeared to die of hemorrhagic septicemia at first, but now they just die with very little warning aside from lethargy.

Is there any good treatment for columnaris? I have kanaplex and furan-2 coming soon, but is there anything that should be done to slow the affects? I've added AQ salt into the water in hopes of delaying it, as I've heard columnaris does best in salt-less, hard water. My water at home is very soft, but there seems to be a death every few days.

The tanks include a livebearer tank, with only two adult guppies left (females), and five or six fry in a breeder net. The other tank has a betta sorority, and the largest is a divided twenty gallon long, with three male bettas and two african dwarf frogs.

Should I treat with furan2 and kanaplex at the same time, and do methylene blue baths on inidividuals in a smaller container?

I also have heard of getting some culterelle, which is a human probiotic, and putting it on their frozen foods. Is this safe for the frogs?

Any ideas on how to re establish the cycle? It's crashed already for some reason- right after they got sick. I have AmQuel+, so should I wait before doing a water change after treatment of the fish? If so, how long?

Currently, my livebearer tank is not experiencing any deaths. but they come really suddenly, so I am sure the columnaris is in it as well. I started with seven adult guppies, and now I have only two adults remaining.

My betta sorority seems to have a death every couple of days, but currently all my male bettas seem to be doing okay, except one has a red streak on his tail because he jumped the divider while I was doing a water change, and got in with the one of the other boys.
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It didn't look like normal hemorrhagic septicemia either, it looked like this:

Here's a poor quality picture of an actual fish that had the look. The dots were far more clear in person, but this is the general look of it:

And this female guppy suddenly looked like her brain hemorrhaged. It was never like this before:

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