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Can someone please help! (R my fish pregnant)???

Thank you to anyone who comes in and answers or tries to help. I have 2 mickey mouse platy females and I think they are pregnant. I have asked before but never got an answer about them just my molly. Well she answered for me when she started having her babies right after I posted and asked if anyone thought she was pregnant. But no answer on the mickey mouse platy's yet. I have had them almost a month and have 2 females and one male. I have 2 new tanks a 20G and 10G both cycling right now to eventually move my fish around. It took me 2 1/2 weeks to get my 10G tank at the right levels though b/c we have super hard water here in the desert so I am not sure how long it will take my 20G one to be ready and I want to move my fish around and have the fry in my other 10G tank as soon as it is ready. Also opinions on if I should put her in the breeder box or if that will stress her out? She is rather small and the breeder I have is huge it is not the little plastic ones you can buy it is actually a net that I would let my fry stay in until I can get my other tank ready for them. Or another option is I can move my 3 tetras from a temporary 5 gallon tank a friend who moved gave me her fish and tank. I could put them in with my molly and then put the mickey mouses in the 5 gallon tank and add plants and things for the fry to hide in and then move her back after she gives birth. I have several options just not too sure on which one would be the best to do for her. Well both of them actually. So opinions please on if they are pregnant and also on which is the best to do for her when it is time for her to give birth!!!
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I can help with what I know & know with what I help!
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My best advise is not to move the mother fish.. I would suggest getting plastic nest they sell at Petco/petsmart ask them they will know... this nest will float at the top, if you can get some live floating plants that would be great.. your making hiding places for the fry. If you can get the tetra into another tank that would be good . I would keep my eye out for fry in the nest ..usually first thing in the morning right after you turn on lights ...if you see them you have a couple of choices ...move them to your smallest tank or leave them in nest... feed them first bites also found at Petco/smart .I have tried that breeder box the mothers hate it and the fry really need to be fed often and water changes. If you have only two tanks just leave as is put in nests and see what happens ...move when you feel comfortable you may loose some but there will be more & more
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Smile Thank you so much!!!

Thanks!!! I am hoping the other tanks will be ready before she has any if she is pregnant. I still cannot figure it out. I mean she really looks it but who knows. I just don't want to rush anything with the 2 new tanks and not cycle them properly b/c in the end I will probably end up with no fish. So I do have 4 tanks but only 2 ready to be used. Well in use. The tetras are in the smaller one for now b/c that is what my friend had them in and they seem pretty content but I def want to get them into a larger tank. I really wanted to just get one big tank since they are all compatible but I live in an apartment right now and probably will for a while and to move a huge tank would be hard so I am doing the 10 and 20G ones for now. Once my 20g is ready I am going to move my silver molly and dalmation molly into that tank and probably the 2 fry that I did rescue from my dalmation mollies birth today if they make it. I went to petsmart and got the fry food for them and I also bought the big breeder net with some plants and put them in it. IDK if they will make it or not b/c they are just laying on the bottom not doing too much moving. It looks like one is black and the other is dalmation. But I am not sure how active they are supposed to be at 6 or 7 hours old. They did eat though and now they are just hanging out under some plants on the bottom. Also now I just looked at my very plump platy and she is just sitting around on the bottom not doing much of anything. She is normally all over the place. Well I guess I will head back to petsmart and get those nests and some more plants b/c I think I might wake up with some new babies in the morning. Thank you again for your help and advice I really appreciate it!!!

I can help with what I know & know with what I help!
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