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I haven't ever heard of a pinkie.
I would love to find a pure breed blue snake skin guppy. Any ideals of where some might be located?
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i would say guppys are the easyiest from my point of view, all you need to do is put them together and you are pretty much garenteed to have babys, and if you want a better chance give them there own seperate tank
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I just bougt new guppys about five hours ago. I got two females and a fancy male one. They have settled in nicely with my other fish. I just want to know, how long will it be till they start to reproduce? The male has the reproductive "tool" already.
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The females could drop fry as early as tomorrow. In my experience, a female sometimes fills the fish shop bag with fry before you get her unpacked. Fry that may have come from your particular male are at least 4 weeks away. Any before that have come from whatever males the females may have been with in the last 6 months. Even after the new male is busy with the females, the females can carry sperm packets that they have received in the last 6 months so there are no guarantees who the father is.
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Smile Guppies gone wild

I have a 29 gal tank. I have Platies and Guppies. What I have found to be the best for breeding anything is river rock and live plants. I have given countless numbers of guppies to my friends. I occasionally get a new male to keep the blood line interesting. But, honestly river rick gives the little guys a place to hide at until they get big. If you tank is established it will also have bits of food that slipped between the cracks, and the babies can eat it. Anyone want some guppies or Platies just let me know. My tank is a bit of a circle of life thing. I breed ghost shrimp, platies and guppies for my frog to eat.
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Lol keep the bloodline interesting by inbreeding?

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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They are like mice...Add 1 male and 1+ females and they will do the rest...just be prepared to be overrun with babies, lol.

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If you want good quality guppy fry, you need to start with good stock. In a typical fish shop you will not find really good guppies. The best you will likely find is some nice looking fancy guppies. At a recent club auction, I saw pairs of really nice guppies going for well over $10 while most fish at that same auction were going for $2 or $3 per trio. The difference in price was striking but so were the guppies. If I had had room, at least one bag of those guppies would have had another bid from me.
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