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Breeder Net vs. Breeder Box (Which Is Better?) HELP!

Honestly I don't know which one would be better... My guppy gave birth the other day and my other female should be due any day now. I am going to my local fish store tonight and I was wondering which one would be best to use for my guppy. There have been many arguments on which would be better, so thank you to anyone who helps. I need to know ASAP because I am definately going tonight or tomorrow. Please help!

I have not lost my mind! I just can't find it
5 gallon (Baby Guppies) 25 or more baby guppies
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Hello. Well I have both but have not used the net one. I had bought it expecting babies but they did not happen. Months later babies due again, I was discussing things at the LFS and they said the down side to the net ones is that the bigger fish in the tank that might want to eat the babies can still grab them thru the net. They can't eat them but it could kill them. So it depends on who else is in that tank.
The down side to the hard sided ones is they can be quite small. I can't imagine using the divider that it came with, and at the time I had a swordtail and she went berzerk in there to get out. popped the top off so being inside was more stressful. However I did use the hard sided one for the babies. I was able both times to scoop up about 5-7 Mollies on two occasions with my net and house them there for a week or so until I put them into their own 10 Gallon.
I had the room in my 75 gallon to make a home made divider using plastic screening and cordoned off 1/4 of the tank and left the two females in there until babies arrived. I eventullly pulled it out. 12 Molly babies are still in the 10 gallon and as they get to about 1inch each I move them over to the big tank.
Also look at how both afix to the tank. the hard had 2 suction cups... worked fabulous.
The net one had bendable metal arms but that interfered with the lid.
Hope this helps you make a choice.
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Thank you I think I am going to get the box...

I have not lost my mind! I just can't find it
5 gallon (Baby Guppies) 25 or more baby guppies
10 gallon (Guppy Galore) 1 male and 2 female guppies
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Get the net if you haven't went already. I have a net and it works great. It isn't see-through and it is very fine material so other fish can't get though. The advantage of the net is that the fish inside are in the same water as the ones outside. Ammonia and oxygen and such can go through the material. this keeps the water in the net aerated and free of build up of ammonia. You still need to clean the inside to get poop out, but it's a lot less of a worry to know it's not toxic level of ammonia and there is always oxygen present.

I don;t really like the way it attached to the tank, but they work fine and they don't interfere badly with the lid, it will still close just fine. It's not such a big negative to turn me off to the net.

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