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Blue Micky Mouse / Yellow Swordtail Fry

Well my young blue micky mouse platy, Scooter, had her first fry today / tonight. My yellow swordtail, Jack, is the father (since my male micky mouse has one lady and Jack the swordtail has the rest).

Actually I think I lost a few of them because I seen a few drop from the feeding time swarm swimming to the bottom, I have two other pregnant fish in the tank. I thought it was the black swordtails, Speckily, fry, so I put her in a breeder. Then I see another one freshly dropped in the tank in a little ball, so I knew it wasn't the black swords. Then I looked at my blue platys, Missy and Scooter. I had to make a call Missy is a mature female that was black spotted, but she wasn't square. Scooter was very square. So I took Speckily thing out and put Scooter in. I sat there in front of the aquarium for an hour and nothing happened. I got paranoid that I took the wrong fish again... Since Missy is known for shooting out 1 - 2 babys a day... I left for an Hour and came bacl to check up on Scoot and possible put her back with her buddies. Surprise 2 little ones. Then I left for work and came back and there was 8. Not bad for her first batch.

I assume that they all will take on the physical characteristics of the platy (males will not develop swords). Some are whitish and some are yellowish. I am sure that they will be more aggressive than there mother, since that has been a tendency of the swordtails.

Tomorrow I will search for survivors in the hiding spaces in the main tank.
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norfolk Va
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those babies should look pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by guppy892
those babies should look pretty cool.
Right now they are a light gray and one is white and it appears that they have tiger stripes, it is going to be interesting to see how they develop. I was hoping for a color variation but I guess I will know in due time.
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could you post pictures??
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