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Belonasox Fry

Well my Belonasox just dropped fry and as luck would have it my pair of convicts is not going to have a timely spawn. I place 20 fry in a 20L and started them on baby brine shrimp. I place several female Endlers in the tank as well. They fry eat the brine shrimp, but it takes a ton as Belonasox are bottomless pits. The Endlers all threw fry and the Belonasox devoured them all. I was feeding the Endlers in their tank some decapsulated shrimp eggs and noticed the Belonasox fry eating them off the surface. So far so good and everyone is alive and feed. I added more Endler females and set out mosquito containers today. I just wanted to give folks a heads up on the decap shrimp. It is not optimal, but it works.
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I have read both of those and they are a good depiction of keeping them. I had them back in the 80s and they have not changed a bit. No domesticating these bruts. I can only hope others will decide to work with these fish as they are intereting.
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Belonasox Update:

I've managed to rear approximately 30 fry. They have now doubled in size. Today I segrigated 5 fry and plan to pump them with 3-4 Endler Fry per day to get them to the next level. My plan is to start another such group next week. With luck I may have some available in 4-6 weeks.
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I'll get some later in the week. Actually was taking photos today and forgot those guys.
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Can't wait!

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