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Balloon Molly Fighting

One of my balloon mollies has been harassing my other two. Is it just to show dominance? Or is it more serious?
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Mollies do sometimes fight. I would recommend putting in plenty of plants and hiding spaces, to reduce aggression, and to monitor the problem. If it's just to occasional chase it's fine, but if your other mollies fins are getting tattered, or if they are starting to seem very stressed out, I would consider separating the molly or returning it.

Another thing that might help is to add more mollies. Shoaling fish do better in larger groups, so that should help to reduce aggression.
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Well, I think it was just a chase because it is done now. But, one is laying on the bottom of the tank. I don't know if she's injured or sick. And they were all three in the tank at the store together.
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Hmm, I don't know about the lying on the bottom, that sounds a bit worrisome. They can do that from time to time, but if she doesn't move within the next hour, I would start to worry. Does she look injured in any way? It's also possible that she is giving birth- sometimes fish will chase fish about to give birth cuz they want the 'food' that comes out. That would also explain the strange behavior of the other fish.

As for them being in the same tank together in the store, it makes sense that they would have less problems there, as there was a much larger group. There tends to be less overall aggression in bigger groups of fish. A lot of the time when you take a few fish home is when the problems start- I've definitely seen this case on fishforum a bunch of times.
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Actually they were the only three in the tank besides some babies and the lady did say one may be pregnant. She doesn't seem injured really but is breathing slower, but her stomach isn't any bigger than the other two.
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The balloon molly that has been lying on the bottom of the tank hasn't moved and is barely breathing. I moved her into a bowl because she was being attacked by the another one periodically. She's dying, isn't she?
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