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Balloon Mollies-----fighting?

I have a 29 gal. that currently houses: 1 male betta, 1 {clown was labeled as that, but doesn't look anything like any of the pictures I have seen, so am not sure}, 5 corys, and 3 balloon mollies. Everyone is getting along beautifully, except 2 of the mollies.

I was told they were all male (2 black w/ white speckles, one orange w/ white speckles & huge sailfins). They all came out of the same aquarium at the store and weren't fussing then, but mere days after putting them in my tank the orange one is harassing one of the black ones endlessly. The black seems to be "fighting back". They chase each other, push, bite......the orange one actually got dragged for a bit due to the hold he had on the other's tail. I put the orange one in a breeders net for now and they still try to go at each other through the net. What would cause this sudden aggression? If we were mistaken and one is a female, wouldn't the other molly be bugging as well? Why would only two be fighting like this? It is constant!! The orange one has a couple of black dots on his side now that he didn't have before. I'm not sure if this is injury or disease, but I tend to think injury as it is in the area where they nip at each other.

I have taken sooooo many fish back to this store due to incompatibility, I'm not sure they will take another one back. They aren't going to buy the "aggression" thing since these guys were in the same tank at the store and did fine.

I am very new to the hobby and this is my first attempt. It has been one thing after another. But what do I do about this thing? (will a molly get along with guppies and their fry? I have a friend I might be able to give him to if so. Other than that I am at a total loss other than the quarantine he is in now.) And, again.......everyone else is doing famously together....for now.
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All species of fish will establish some sort of pecking order. Some fish do this, unfortunately, by killing all other rivals. I would guess that your fish are sparring to establish that pecking order. Keep an eye on them. If one becomes injured, the stronger may do irreparable damage or even kill the other.
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If the black one is really miserable, I would recommend returning one, as the breeder's net isn't really a fair solution to him. A lot of times fish are less aggressive in large groups than in small ones, so that could explain why they were fine at the store. Any knowledgeable fish shop worker knows that and will believe you.

As for getting along with guppies, he should get along just fine with the adults, although he'll probably try to eat the fry. The adult guppies will try to do that too though, and honestly, unless you really want to breed them, and have LOTS of space for the babies, it's for the best. Otherwise you end up with a completely overstocked tank.

The black dots sound like Black Spot, a parasite that occurs sometimes in fish. In small amounts it's not usually a problem and treatment isn't usually necessary. However, it is occasionally fatal, especially in small fish, and is almost impossible to treat.
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i dont like the sound of the betta in with the other fish

Bow down to MTS!!!!!!!!
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I have balloon mollies as well. I was lead to believe that they were peaceful fish. I have one male that I think is killing off the other males. It seems to be only attacking the same coloured ones. I have very healthy fish and then dead and it is only the male balloon mollies that are dying. when I find them there is no damage no sign of sickness beforehand but their eyes have been eaten. Does this sound like a very aggressive fish is doing this? Are they that terratorial?
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My female balloon mollies do the same exact thing and I to keep a Betta with mine.
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I used to keep a male betta with mine until one day after 6months in the tank I found him shredded. It was shortly after adding the balloon mollies. I guessed it was one of them but now I am sure it would have been this fish. My poor betta died on Sunday from his injuries. This morning I found the horrid balloon molly chasing my last male around in the tank. One that had already been in sickbay for weeks from a bashing.He literally had about 7-8 chuncks out of his body. I have now separated the bully. I will put him in sickbay for a while and hopefully he will settle down. I have never seen such aggression in a fish before. Oh except when I put my 6 female bettas together, well actually that wasn't even as bad as this fish.
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I don't know which one killed two of my balloon mollies, my Betta or my other balloon molly. I've only had the mollies since Friday and two have died. The first didn't seem too well off anyway but, the second was completely fine although it was harassed by the older(I'm guessing because it had a longer body) one.
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Has your betta killed any of your other fish? I have 5 well 4 now male bettas and they have never killed anything. They are in 11 litre tanks with tiny little bristlenose and after 5 months no injuries anywhere. My betta that recently died did live in an 11litre tank with neons for a while no injuries there either and then he moved into the 150ltr community tank with platties, guppies. clownloaches, cories, & bristlenose. He never hurt chases or harrased any of them. But he did eat the fry of the guppies and platties. But once they were too big for his mouth he did not bother them. My bet is on the balloon molly. I only have one that is very aggressive the others are very peaceful but they are all young ones. I have never seen a fish kill another and this one has killed 2 outright and injured 2 others, 1 did die. Not the sweet little thing that they are made out to be. I won't be buying anymore.
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Betta fish are very agressive, and Mollys are semi agressive, those two kinds of fish should not really be put in the same tank.
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