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Okay, I've decided to wait for the fry to leave to their new home! Yay! Plus I am 100% sure that the first fry were sunburst now I have have gups. They are almost transparent and not even close to the size of the orange fry. Plus totally different looking and my female gup is skinny again!
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Okay, now i have one baby guppie left alive that hasnt been eaten, sucked in by the filter or lost. I still have three sunburst platie fry and still the rest of my fish.

I want to keep one of my sun fry and I want to keep a female so the other female doesnt get prego again- How do I tell?
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I will have to dig out a graphic for you to help identify the proper fins, but it's not difficult to tell male from female.
As for your other female not getting pregnant again, the only way to ensure that is to keep all females or all males. If there is male and female in the tank together, you can expect them to breed, you won't be able to prevent it, no matter how many fish you add.
Also a note... when the fry mature, they will inbreed with each other and/or parent fishes if they are still together. This is not a good thing to do, so you'll want to watch for that. Inbred fry have a lot of problems, and the more inbred they are, the worse the problems get.

Dawn Moneyhan
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Males have gonopodium which is the fin that looks pointed near their anus while the females have anal fin that looks triangular in shape which is also near the anus. Does that help?

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For easier understanding... in the photo I'm posting (which I found at
I circled the fin you want to look for in red. In a female livebearer, that fin appears as the one in the picture. In the male fish, that fin is long and pointed, and usually held up against the body.
I hope that helps!

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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