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Anyone else have fish with extremely strong immune systems?

When I moved last august only two of my five mollies survived. Yang and her first daughter.

Turns out these two are butt-heads with really strong immune systems. Seriously. They attacked a frog that I added to my tank and then the male molly that I had bought to keep them company. At one point my tank got a case of ick that neither they, nor my bristlenose got. (Thankfully I saw it early and was able to treat it) A few weeks later I noticed one of my guppies had died. When I took it out, I noticed it was missing several scales and an eye.

I was pretty worried so I kept an eye on my tank and noticed the mollies kept going after my guppies. I had no way to seperate them and the smaller tank I ordered did not arrive in time for me to save any of them.
Last week I noticed one of Yang's eyes was cloudy and she had what looked like a filmy mold on several spots on her body. I had to wait until yesterday to have money to get a treatment but when I looked in on her, I noticed she was fine. Both eyes clear and no filmy stuff. (Also both her daughter and my pleco are fine as well) all three fish are swimming fine and eating well. Anyone else have this? Both the attitude and strong health?

Current Residents:
Unnamed pleco
Six Unnamed Male Guppies
One female Molly (black with white spots): Yang
Female juvenile Molly: Unnamed
Rubber Lip Pleco: Flubber

RIP: Ying (White molly with black spots), Molly Twins (fry), Pinky (Rosie Danio), Silver (male white molly), Frogger (aquatic frog named by my son)

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Certainly not unheard of. I've had a few myself. =) It also helps that you catch things and treat them quickly so their systems can stay strong...because untreated things eventually wear them down.
I had this one molly that survived flawlessly through a few outbreaks of ich, and one of velvet(due to my incompetence at that without using a QT tank). She lived to be like five or six years old. I had her for about three and a half years and she was a full adult when I got her, putting her between the ages of one and a half+ years old(sometimes it takes longer to hit full size for the larger mollies though, she was a butterfly/creamsicle and age was unknown...mollies are the fastest growing livebearers, next to guppies, but still slow after they hit about half the size they will be as full for all I know she coulda been older by a year or more).

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Pretty sure all the residents that are currently in my 75(heading to the 225) have really good immune systems with the exception of the bala sharks. I a total idiot... took a piece of driftwood out of my QT tank that had brand new fish and dropped it into my 75. New fish started showing that they came with ich and sure enough I had infected the 75 gallon . But only fish who got it were my bala sharks and my clown pleco. Angels, the bichir and my guaramis and the lone tetra were all fine. Heat treated the tank and balas are fine now but same thing happened about a yr ago and all the same fish were ich free that time as well.

Perhaps my african cichlids as well.. That tank has never ever had a single illness. I don't even QT new fish in that tank anymore. *I highly suggest nobody do as I do! lol*

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Strong immune system..

well, thanks to the campground I live at, I lost almost my entire tank due to them adding bleach to the well and not informing anyone til it was to late. But I did have 5 survivors in a tank of about 30, one very ornry balloon belly molly we call Mo (Short for mohawk) and 4 tetras , (had 5 but one died about 4 days after all) 1 Black Skirt tetra, we call Lisa, 2 Red Minors, bloodshot, and red, and one white finned rosy tetra, tippsey, all survived a severe bleach incidence,

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Ornery balloon belly Mollies

"one very ornry balloon belly molly we call Mo (Short for mohawk)..."

Ha ha, I have several of those fish, should have been named "Ornery Mollies" and very aggressive, too. The male is a Sailfin, balloon belly orange Gold Dust guy who is beyond belief in the behavior department, and seems very strong and able to withstand anything thrown at him. He is small but keeps all other males hiding, and goes from one female to another, like HIS own property. What an amusing & ornery one he is!

30G, 20G, 20G & 10G Community tanks of Mollies: Silver,
Sailfin, Dalmatian, Lyretail, Gold Dust, Harlequin, Black
10G Teenage Mollies, some becoming males now ~8 mo.
10G Teenage Mollies, ~8 mo. & Gold Dust Sailfin BB male
20G Teenage Mollies, ~2-7 mo. mixed
10G tank for QT, & 5G mommy tank
10G new Baby Mollies ~appx. 2 wks-1 month ~150 fry
20G Corys 80 various sizes Adults 2F, 2M (& cory fry)
Snails 30+ (not Ramshorn, not Nerite)

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