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I'm seriously about to go ape crap. This is a random post, but I just went upstairs to feed my guppies and they are all eating all happy and whatever, then I'm like hey where my little guy that I raised and I don't even know where he came from because he was all orange and none of my other guppies are orange. Oh wait? Is that him right there in the filter intake, YOU BET. ARGGGGG sorry, I'm super frustrated I've had a few deaths in the family these past couple months and the last thing I needed now is my stupid fish to die.

Oh and I have another problem and I think my fav platy is going to die to but no one can give me any advice, I think he has injured his lip or has fungus, but its not really spreading like fungus. And the other male platy in there is beating him up. How can I stop this? I Took the territorial male out for a while and put him back in and he just went right back to beat up the other one.

It appears to only be on his top lip, not getting better but not getting any worse either. Help?

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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hay there,
sorry you're having a hard time at the moment.
the bully platy.....can you not give him back to the LFS ?
the other one with the bad lip........can you take him out and put
him in a tank of his own and medicate him there,you may find
that he makes a better recovery.
interpet no 8 is for fungus,
however wait for other replys before following what i say,
incase i'm wrong,i wouldn't want to make things worse.
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Thanks Willow, well I bought him at walmart (I know bad call) But they were so cute, and there was an empty tank at home screaming their name. But it was a while ago and I doubt anyone is interested in taking the bully fish back. Is there another way to minimize this bullying? I do have a ten gallon upstairs with guppies and platies in it, but I wanted to move him there as a last resort, I would love to see them get along in this tank, what if I moved my remaining three female platies from upstairs to this tank? Would they get along then?

I honestly don't even know what this is anymore... It appears like an ich spot on his lip and its almost fluffy looking, but none of my other fish appear sick and it hasn't fallen off like it would if it was ich. It appears like his top lip is getting smaller... So fungus is probably my best bet. The only problem is, I don't have a heater in my OT Just incase more spots do appear and it is in fact ich, how do ADF like salt? I just got these guys and don't know to much about them yet, just the basics.

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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i don't think frogs will take kindley to salt.
the bully platy will carry on his behaviour,more so now
because the other guy is not well,shame you don't live near me
i'd take the bully for you.i don't see much choice for you.
a. remove "mouth rot" platy or .........
b.put bully up stairs with the girls,it will give him something to do.
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I don't know how this turned out but I have had the same mouth problem with my platys. I think it is due to fighting during the night. Almost always the loser has his mouth torn at the top like that, it gets infected, and they die. Isolating them sometimes allows for anti-biotics to help but I've only saved one out of many this way. Too many males in too small a tank is what I find to be the issue, oh and not enough girls to go around.

Sorry if he did not make it.

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