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Originally Posted by Amethyst123 View Post
Yeah, without the neons it would be a different story. I've never had frogs, but I know that others have kept an ADF or 2 in 5g with a betta.

How are your betta and neons getting along? I want to move my betta in with my neon tetras, and have had mixed reactions when mentioning it to other betta owners. I've only had the betta for a few weeks, and during transit from Wisconsin to Washington he decided that his tail was travel food, so I'm waiting for it to grow back in completely before trying him with the neons. I have a 14g that currently has 8 neon tetras (had 9, one died). I'm planning to add another 3, to bring the school up to 11, before adding the betta. If he doesn't work out with them I will put him back where he is (a divided 10g - the other side is reserved for the other betta I should be receiving in a week or so) and add another 2 or 4 neon tetras instead. Any thoughts?

edit: Also, how is your oto doing as the only one in the tank? I've heard mixed info about otos on their own vs with several others of their kind. I've never tried to keep them alone - I have 5 in my community tank with my cories and livebearers, and they frequently run around the tank together - sometimes even with the cories. I'm asking primarily because I'd like to have some otos with the bettas in the two sides of the 10g, but I've been worried that neither side has enough room for 3 otos or more, with the betta, and I haven't wanted to go with less than 3 who could hang out together.
The betta and the neons have NO issues what-so-ever. My betta (who I had only had for like 2 weeks before adding the neons) enjoys their company, but ignores them, if that makes since. The frog I have use to be in a 1 gallon with a single male betta for a month or so without any issue. Well, the frog doesnt mind the new betta (have had the frog for going on 2 years), the new betta on more than one ocassion has flared (gills and all only once) at the frog, but quickly backs down when the frog continues to sit there and look at him like he is stupid.
I had kept bettas with neons in the past without issue. Neons are the only thing I have kept other than frogs and otos with male bettas. It really depends on the betta's personality. You can just kind tell if they are extra mean or not. And the neons dont seem bothered by the giant betta either. The neons and betta all feed together without issue as well. When I upgrade the 5 to the 10, I plan on adding a couple of more neons to the group.
Normally a betta will tell you moments after being in the tank with the neons if it will work or not. Nothing agaisnt betta owners, but I dont refer to myself as one, as my betta is just another fish I have that just happens to require a bit more thought on tankmates...just like a cichlid or such.
I'd say give it a shot and see how it goes. Neons are colorful, but not full of fins, so they, IMO, are the easiest fish to get a betta to get along with.
As far as tank temp goes, the tank they share is set to a steady 77F. The neons love it and are all very active and healthy and happy. The betta is a shinning star! All his colors have come to peak since living in a heated tank verses a cup at the lfs, and he is very lively...loves to follow me around and beg for food. I dont like fish to touch me, but this guy (who I still havent got around to naming) always insists on staying next to my hand or nibbling on it when I stick my hand in the tank for whatever reason, like today when I had to remove part of my pennywort plant that the frog uprooted that was blocking the filter intake.

As for otos...I have 3 in my 29 gal tank...they are NEVER together. They will once in a while chill out with the cories...but never with each other except maybe to push one out of the way when swimming across the tank to get to the other walls. And the solo oto in the 5 gallon, seems as happy as a tick on a fat dog! He acts the same as the three in the larger tank. I know plenty of people who have just 1 oto in a tank 10 gal or less. I know the theory behind the otos needing at least 3 of them to be happy, but I dont see it as such a need as for fish like cory, rainbows, neons, or other shoaling fish or fish as social as say loaches. My best friend has kept a solo oto in a 5 gal with a female betta, ADF, 3 black neons, and a solo long finned zebra danio (female) for like 2-3 years without any issues at all...of course this month they all got upgraded to a 29 gallon tank, but it is still just the one oto, and he is happy as a lark still. She has also since added a 2nd female betta to the group with little issue.

But yeah, that is my experience with them, I assume others have different opinions, but you never know for yourself until you try it. I dont have any issues with it though. Would be interested to know if anyone has any success with the same thing.

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Moved one of the three otos from the 29 gal tank to the 5 gal tank, as the algae load in the smaller tank was too much for the solo oto to take care now there is 2 otos in each tank. The original oto in the 5 gal tank is twice the size he was 2 weeks ago!!! (He also has a beautiful pattern on him, quite different from the other otos...makes me wonder if he is one of the other oto species that are extremely similar.)

The Mollies are all doing great (as are the 9 guppies & 8 cories). I am happy to say that tomorrow evening my shoal of brilliant rasboras will be going home with my best friend to her cycled 29 gallon tank (which is currently home to 2 female bettas, a solo oto, and a solo albino cory...or at least solo at the moment, as she is setting up her 10 gal for QT).
So hopefully with 6 less fish the cloudiness with subside a little bit. I did a 50% water change today. (I hate large water changes, but I have to combat this cloudiness for my own sanity!!) The w/c seemed to help a bit, also did a good gravel vac on 1/4 of the would think most fish would run from the gravel vac, but my albino cories and guppies would probably climb into it if I let them!!!

Amethyst123... have you considered any further the idea of your betta with your neons or the attempt at a solo oto?

*They call me, Amanda*
Tank 1: (29 gal planted) empty
Tank 2: (15 gal) empty
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