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10 gallon tank with single female swordtail

No tank mates. What do you think of that?
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I think you need to go with a betta instead. lol

One: Swordtails get big(anywhere from four to seven inches in length, hitting the seven inch mark is fairly rare but it does happen! I have a seven inch long male myself, my other males didn't get near as big as he), females are bigger than males, not as long in the tail since they lack the sword, but they are very thick bodied in comparison, and about as long minus the sword. They require a lot of space for themselves, and whereas ten gallons would be sufficient for each one, keeping ONE in a ten gallon tank wouldn't be very nice.

Two: Swordtails are social, they need groups of three or more. Four or more is better, really, but a group of three is doable...but not in a ten gallon tank.

A ten gallon tank would be -ok- as a temporary QT tank, birthing tank or something for a single swordtail(I used my ten gallon as a birthing tank for my female, she got really unhappy about it...), but it's not good for them long term, and they really dislike being away from the group. They aren't like schoolers to where they fully rely on the school for all their worldly comforts, but they do require them to feel a certain amount of security and to hang out when needed and keep stress down. In other words they're not tight swimming groups like say...some types of tetras are, but they need them there.

If you want swordtails, get yourself a 25-30 gallon tank and get 3-5 of them. =)

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That said, what could go in a 10 gallon that's not a gourami or a schooling fish...or a 15 gallon for that matter. I have a 30 gallon but I don't feel like setting it up.

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Betta fish, African Dwarf Frog, Shrimp. All I can think of off the top of my head.
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Well, let's see...not schoolers or gouramis. The betta is again an idea.

A pair or trio of African Dwarf Frogs. They are social and need at least TWO, but aren't schoolers/shoalers and don't need more than a partner in crime(they can get depressed with just a single sometimes though), they're pretty cool...I'm not sure if you want to count that though!

A single dwarf crayfish, like the Orange Mexican dwarf crayfish. Just make sure it's a dwarf, and if that's for a fifteen gallon it'd be great, a ten gallon would be the minimum I think. But if you're up to setting up your fifteen gallon, that's a nice suggestion.

You could always go for a colony of cherry shrimp. lol Again, group things there...

My ideas kinda fall under "Few" for the smaller tanks if not the little schoolers like Endlers, or colony critters like small shrimp. lol Sorry, wish I had at least a couple more for you.

Can I have your unused 30 gallon? ^_~ Kidding. LOL

If you want to go with something easier and not too much work, I think a couple ADF's would be good, unless you're really wanting fish, then the betta is the best suggestion for non-schoolers/gouramis in a smaller tank I can think of, at least at the moment.

Ah, Jen you beat me. lol

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Uuuugh I already have 2 bettas!! I don't want another one. But that was just a hypothetical question anyway...I think I'll put some plaites in my 10 gallon. Thanks for the input :)
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Careful with that. Platies can also get pretty big and need a school of three minimum. It's do-able in a ten gallon(15 gallons for three is preffered though, just be aware), sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't work out because they get get really snippy if they feel they don't have enough space. I tried that once myself and was actually fine with a trio, but then one went cannibal after a year and tried to kill the other two, and did so with one...but it's one of those extreme bare minimums for three. If you don't intend to have anything else, two would be better for the space, two with other creatures often ends up in the duo becoming -extremely- bonded and defensive of the other to the point they will try to run off other critters in the tank and then hole up in a corner somewhere. Again though, could end up with chompiness if they can't spread it out among three or four and have the secure group.
It will help both bioload and with them thinking they have a bit more...exploring areas, if you get some live plants, like a bunch of stem plants and the like that they can go through and feel secure in. A small cave may help too. It's touchy, but not impossible. I say go for it if you want to, just keep watch for aggression, you may need a return and switch to a less aggressive one. The little bumblebees are nice. I've never had one go past the two inch mark(never had one hit it before actually, the three I had for two years stayed about 1.8 inches or so). Not to say they wont, mine just didn't and I had them in a 55 gal. :3 Most platies max out around 2 inches, but can hit 2.5 and in rare occasions 3 inches or close. I've only had one, ever get past 2.5 inches.

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I will just put some guppies in there
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Haha, don't put something in you hate. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, getting a pair or trio of platies is do-able, and you said you had a 15 gallon so that would be perfect for a trio. =)

If you really don't like guppies, try some Endlers. Here, look at the black-bar endlers. They're usually easy to find, common but gorgeous. You can get 4-5 males in there perfectly comfortable in a ten gallon tank, or should you set up your fifteen gallon instead you could go for 6-8 if you so desired. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y58...lertwocrop.jpg

Here's the Japan Blues, once I have space open I am getting some of these for my ten gallon as well: http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/f...lue-type-2.jpg

Here's a few more types: http://www.liveaquaria.com/images/ca...72-endlers.jpg

Males tend to stay 1/2-3/4 and inch long and are rarely nippy with other males. Females tend to be colorless, or mostly colorless and are almost twice the size of males. Get yourself some boys, they're lovely, I promise.

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I don't hate guppies lol XD
The thing I have been really looking for is a single fish I could keep in its own tank that is significantly larger than a betta, but doesn't need a large tank. I want my 10 to have several small fishes though.
Thanks for all the links and stuff. I have seen endlers before and they are just adorable :)
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