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10 gal

I just put 3 balloon mollys with my betta. My question is how can you tell if the mollys are male or female? The lady at the store told me one of the mollys may be pregnant. So, just in case, I set up my 1 gal tank so I can put my Betta in it if there will be any babies.
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The female will have a triangular anal fin, whereas the male will have a pointy anal fin. If you don't know what I really mean, let me know and I'll try and find some photos that show it well.
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I think I have 2 female and 1 male, but I'm not sure really.
2 look like this:

And the other looks like this:

Also, the lady at Wal-Mart said one had a bluish stomach, one was pure white, and one is supposed to be dalmation. I have yet to see any difference, so will the color change with time?
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All three are females then. It doesn't matter however. If all these females have been exposed to the presence of the males beforehand, then expect several batches of fry in a few months.

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Ok, I was afraid I had a male but now I'm relieved. Is there anyway I can tell if one of them is pregnant?
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Like Lupin said, all 3 are likely to be in various stages of pregnancy. Mollies can store sperm and have several batches of young after being together with a male for a while. If there were lots of mollies in the tank they came from, they are probably all pregnant.
The difference between what you have and a dalmation is that the dalmation will have dark spots of color on the light body.
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all of the pics you showed us are of females!!! LOL and yes all live bearers can store sperm for months. :D

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