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What type of snail is best?

I have a 55-gallon used tank that came with several snails. These suckers are the most ugly things I have ever seen: they have a long spirally shell and their mouth appendage looks like a movable arm that they swing all around themselves while hunting for algae.

What I really want is one giant snail to be my algae eater rather than the dozen or so little ugly things. I have a high ph and no live plants, though I would prefer one that does not eat live foliage in case I can ever get live plants in there. What type would anyone recommend? Will it produce offspring if I keep only one? What will it do to the other snails that are already present in the tank?

Best wishes for your fishes!
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Well the only ones that are true "Algae Eaters" are Nerite Snails. Though they can be a good one they are not always available acclimated to fresh water. If you just want a big snail get a Mystery Snail. They will eat a little algae and they get pretty big and can be entertaining.

Of course if you really want a big snail a Cana Apple snail will be the biggest but you won't be able to have live plants.
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Thanks for the info. I think I might go for the apple - I would like a giant snail so that I can keep track of it amidst the dense plants. And since I have fake foliage for now, it doesn't matter that it might eat live plants. I'll just move him if I ever do get real plants in there.

Best wishes for your fishes!
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Just make sure oyu know which one you are getting.

Apple Snails come in two common forms:
Bridgessi which is the common mystery snail and gets to about the size of a golfball
Cana is the true apple snail and gets to the size of a softball.
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please forgive the dumb question..............however
what is considered a soft ball,and is it bigger than a golf ball. ?
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A golfball is about 2 inches across. A softball is 4 inches. May not seem like much until you see them in person. Cana's also only come in yellow and browns. Pomacea bridgesii comes in purples, pink, blues, golds....many choices.
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thank you Trishfish,
that's something to consider if i ever want one.
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Sorry, another way to look at it would Mysteries get to the size of plum and Cana get the size of a grape fruit.
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that's a lot of snail.
4inches sort of sounded big,but when you compare it
withan actuall thing
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Wow, that's huge! I will have to figure out just what I want/need. Maybe the mystery would be a good choice since - I think the cana will get too big for what I want.

Best wishes for your fishes!
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