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tiny shrimp kit had snail and ?slug?

So I just went to the pet store to get some live black worms and I saw these jars with a plant and either two tiny fish or two ghost shrimp. I got it mostly because I wanted the plant for my 10 gallon and also to have more shrimp.

Anyway, I was taking the shrimp out to put them in my bigger tank and I noticed a snail and something that looks like it could be a slug in it. I'll post pics as soon as I can get some that aren't blurry because I want to know what kind of snail it is and if that other thing is a slug or a snail without a shell.

For now, I'm just going to keep them both in the tiny jar with the plant and the black worms. The worms won't hurt them or vice versa will they? I put the worms in before I noticed the snails.

Oh, and I shouldn't put the snail in the 10 gallon tank with a betta should I? I think it's about the size of the betta's mouth and don't want him to get eaten. The betta doesn't try to eat the shrimp so I don't know.
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I don't think the blackworms will harm the snail. Is it a Physas sp., Melania sp. or Planorbis sp.? Bettas eat snails.

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I'm not sure what kind it is as I can't see it right. I looked at a few snail sites and they said to count the whirls and to look at what type of shell it is to determine what kind it is but it doesn't look like any of the pics they had. I think it has one whirl, is brownish black and is approximately half the diameter of a pencil in size. It looks more like this pic
http://www.sanybel.com/Newsletter-Apple_Snail.jpg but it's darker. I haven't ever seen it come out of it's shell except in the water and all I could see were its antennae.

I held it up to the glass by the smaller betta and I think he's bigger than its mouth so I put it in the tank with him. Hopefully he doesn't get eaten but if he does, I guess the betta gets a snack.

I tried multiple times but couldn't get any pics that weren't just a big blur. The same goes for the slug thing, which I can't find any pictures that look like it. It looks sort of like a giant amoeba or something and is see-through so I can see it's insides.
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It's been a few days and already the snail is getting bigger. Obviously the betta and the shrimp ignore him so I'll keep him in there. He does seem to be active, though I never see him move anywhere. He's just in a different spot every time I look at him.

The slug-thing is still in the tiny jar with the worms and he seems fine. I noticed he moves by making himself into a ball and then stretching out.
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Originally Posted by acgaslover View Post
The slug-thing is still in the tiny jar with the worms and he seems fine. I noticed he moves by making himself into a ball and then stretching out.
slug thing sounds like some sort of Leech ?

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if the slug-thing has a ringed body and uses its tail and head to attach to things its a leech of some kind if, it has no segments and is smooth and moves in a continous motion its a flatworm

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I agree, and either of those things you don't want in your tank. I found a leech once.....it was pretty nasty.

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