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Snails for soft water, pH 7

I have a 55 gallon tank with pH 7 and hardness ~120ppm. I am in the process fo lowering the hardness to 90ppm and pH to 6.8 since it is primarily a tetra tank with a few harlequin rasboras. I was wondering if I can get the pretty snails at Petco / Petsmart without harming the snail (Nerite, mystery etc).
Right now I have quite a few ramshorn snails that hitched a ride on the plants I got, but they're really tiny (still hatching from eggs). I plan to keep a few for clean up.

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I know this won't answer your question, but why would you want play with the pH levels? That will be a constant battle and not a good one.

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Originally Posted by InvertPlanet View Post
I know this won't answer your question, but why would you want play with the pH levels? That will be a constant battle and not a good one.

I agree with Invert. Most times, you don't want to mess with the pH. It will constantly have to be adjusted, and if you have a high buffer, everytime you adjust the pH it's gonna creep back to where it was. Any slight change in pH will stress the fish out more and do more harm than good. The tetras will be perfectly happy in the water you have now, assuming you clean the tank every week. :)
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Hmmm....I have read and was also told by Byron that the best pH for the tetras is soft and slightly acidic water.

The tapwater here has pH 8.2 and hardness of 300ppm. So I've been lowering the hardness and pH using distilled water everytime I do a water change. I change 10-15 gallons everytime on my 55 gallon tank twice a week. The final hardness of the water I add is 90ppm and pH 7.

If you have kept neon, black neon and glowlight tetras successfully for a long time in the tapwater conditions I have listed, please let me know. It'll save me a bit of work. I get the water from my labwhen I do water its a bit time consuming.

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