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snail or shrimp?

This is a discussion on snail or shrimp? within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> High pH? Don't you mean a high gh? A high gh generally means high calcium is that is a great deal of what makes ...

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Burmese Loach
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High pH? Don't you mean a high gh? A high gh generally means high calcium is that is a great deal of what makes up dissolved solids. Generally a high pH and a high gh go together, but that is not always the case. I have soft, alkaline tapwater where I live.

A piece of a sinking algae wafer is good food. They will also eat any flakes that the fish don't eat, they're good housekeepers that way! :D

There's a LOT of different kinds of snails out there, and the common names tend to overlap, which is why you hear so many different comments about what types of snails are which, which ones eat what, etc. does have a very good species guide which you can use. Learning to ID them properly before hand is probably much more effective than going to the fish store and relying on the common name the tank is labeled with.

I say while you're there you pick up a few feeder shrimp aka ghost shrimp. They're 10-20 cents each and you can check them out and see if you like them.
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True apple snails are canas. But, merchandisers in the hobby have renamed the mystery snails to keep you buying them. Therefore, mystery snails are really NOT apple snails. They do not reach the size of true apple snails. Stop the madness and do not refer to mystery snails as apple snails. They are what they are apple snails and mystery snails and should be referred to as such. Not doing so only creates confusion.
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if your looking for a really good snail i recomend porcupine snails there about the size and shape of a marine winkle snail but with small spines coming off the shell they do not eat plants and can only reproduce in brackish water there also invuneable to snail eating fish ive had several with puffers for years they come in both black,honey,red,yellow and striped variations Red Onion Snails and Brown Zebra Snail are also a good choice slightly larger than the porcuines but with the same habits
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Old 07-14-2008, 06:44 PM   #14
im gonna get my tank up and running in a bit and im gonna try some ghost shrimp first because i saw them in the store today and they looked so small and cool. will ghost shrimp get eaten by smaller fish such as platys and other fish like rams?
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