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I hav a assassin snail but hes not doin owt lol, there literally everywere :/
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Yh I like the snails , I wudnt want to completely get rid, I just need some sort of control over them :):):)
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You can toss a piece of lettuce or zucchini in at night the next am it will be full of snails remove it rinse and start over.
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I'll take some off your hands if they're MTS.. I need some for my substrate and I'm, oddly, having a hard time getting any.
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were u from ?

190L Tropical Aquarium

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Today, 2 hours after lights out I put my fone light over the tank ...... I knew the population was bad , but theres literally hundreds of them , I cudnt believe my eyes , im in desperate need of answers !! :(
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Do as K19 suggested. Put a couple pieces of zucchini in and take it out. Probably will only take a few minutes with that many snails. A few times a day for a week and there should be a noticeable difference. There is no quick solution unless you "nuke" the tank by just throwing bleach into it. This will kill everything.
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Originally Posted by fryup View Post
How do I get rid completely , I think there trumpet snail and the "adults" are bout 2 inch long , there everywere , can any1 help ?? :):):)
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I am rearing some dwarf puffer fish to control my snail population. I "trained" them hard only to eat snails and not shrimps.

First, i catch some snails into a holding tank together with the puffers, so they learn to eat snails. Then every nite i release them into my main tank for 30 mins and watching them closely to ensure that they do not eat any shrimps.
Then i will put them back into the holding tank. Do this for 1 month, then i put some shrimps into the holding tank and ensure they are fine after 1 week. Then finally the puffer is release long term into my main tank.

Its working for me but it will take long.

I will post a video soon on this. Do visit my site at Kelvin's Crustaceans Adventure for my shrimp experience.

Join me on my shrimp adventure at!
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