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post #11 of 25 Old 03-27-2007, 09:06 PM
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Average incubation time, based on the number of these little fornicators in my tanks, is about 10 minutes.

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Mine always hatched within 7-14 days of being layed. As for number that can be layed, who knows! I know in the summer is was faster and in the winter my population dropped because the temps were much lower.
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post #13 of 25 Old 03-30-2007, 09:29 PM
You don't have to worry about population explosions with Mystery snails. They don't breed until they're about one inch big and you need a male and female, as opposed to many hermaphrodite snails. They also lay their eggs above the water line so if you don't want babies, you simply remove the clutch. My snails are magenta, but they also come in purple, black, gold, ivory, blue and chestnut. Probably others as well. Very cool snails!! It's a fallacy that snails only eat algae, in fact, that shouldn't be their only diet. Flake food, shrimp pellets, bloodworms, and veges should be offered.
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Don't forget the romaine lettuce, my Colombian ramshorns loved it and bred very well with it.

I thinki am going to try mystery snails just because I want to be able to control the eggs. I have never dealt with them before so it should be fun. The extra eggs will become loach food and so will the extra babies.

Keep us up to date on how it goes. We need a few more good accounts of success and even the failures.
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Just to be more specific, the mystery snails I have are Pomacea Bridgesii which will get about the size of a golf ball. They won't eat up your plants like some of the other Pomacea snails. The egg clutches usually have a couple hundred eggs so it should be an easy food source for your loaches once they hatch.
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Mystery snails sound really cool. I'd really like to have some larger snails in my main tank. I haven't found a source of them yet though. None of the pet shops around here seem to have any.

Update on my snail tank. I have probably 60-70 baby snails on the top of the water scooting around now plus hundreds of eggs remaining. I tested the ammonia today and it is 1.5mg/L. Probably time for a water change. Only problem is that it's hard to find a place in the tank where there aren't any baby snails to get sucked up. I'm also considering adding a spong filter to start some biofilteration.

I've been feeding them algae waffers which they go nuts for. I'm also going to start with some lettuce.
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The ammonia is a bad sign, it is definately time for a water change as the snails are at the top and they will start dying in mass numbers if you can't get the ammonia back to 0 for extended periods of time. Don't overfeed them and get a good water change done. If you have to put a piece of nylon over the end of the tube so that youdon;t suck up the babies but you can easily put them back if you let the water sit for a short time and they start climbing the sides of the bucket. Make sure to use Romaine or leaf lettuce and not Iceburg lettuce.
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Make sure to use Romaine or leaf lettuce and not Iceburg lettuce.
2 questions for you fish4all:
(1) why not iceberg lettuce?
(2) is this only for snails or for fish (plecs etc) as well?

and just to let you know, im not challenging your statement, im just wondering why this is
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Iceburg lettuce is pretty much all water. There's not much nutritional value to it. (unless there was a nother reason)
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The water content is one of them. Also, iceberg lettuce has a chemical in it that can actually make the tank turn rancid if it goes sour. I tried it to make green water and to condition some water to collect mosquito larva and it turned really nasty.

If the lettuce is shredded small enough the fish will eat it. I never tried but my fish picked at it all the time. My BN plecos would take chunks out of it when I had them.

The main reason for the romaine is the high amounts of calcium it has in it. I don't know the calcium content in leaf lettuce but I think romaine has more. This helps with the shells of the snails. The iicebergalso doesn't last as long in the water before starting to decay and start to make a mess. If you don't "blanch" the romaine it can last 36 hours or more.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. I never take anything personally, well almost never. 8) If you need more information and reasons ask them. We can sometimes become complacent with advice and leave out the reasoning behind a statement so asking is always good.
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