setting up blue crayfish tank.
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setting up blue crayfish tank.

This is a discussion on setting up blue crayfish tank. within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Ok, I originally had started setting up this 10 gallon tank awhile back for some tiger barbs. it has a heater a decent filter ...

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setting up blue crayfish tank.
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setting up blue crayfish tank.

Ok, I originally had started setting up this 10 gallon tank awhile back for some tiger barbs. it has a heater a decent filter a rock that has place to hid underneath and somepretty good fake plants for hiding. BUT everyones been telling me that i cant fit enough tiger barbs in there for them to be comfortable and happy. new idea. this weekend my stepmother lisa found a pretty big crayfish in a flower pot under the flowers. after releasing it into a decent size stream/large puddle i had remember seeing electric blue crayfish at a lfs!! what im trying to ask is if it would be ok to put at least 1 blue crayfish into a 10 gallon with a good amount of hiding places and such. also what they would eat and there tank mates. it would be great if someone could post a link for crayfish from the internet. any comments welcome.
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Old 05-06-2007, 09:51 PM   #2
i was going to get a blue crayfish but they can ambush fish if there is hiding places for them, the need a tight lid even if there is no places to ambush fish they can still kill your fish if u do get one i recomend no tank mates unless they stay at the top of the tank 24/7 and theres no places to hide they will also eat anything that they can find
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I had a regular crayfish. He was $3.00. He died after 3 days in a 10 gallon barebottom tank with one hiding place.

I decided to get a blue for my 125gallon. Hegave me quite a few problems. He killed a baby chillid that cost 3 times as much as him. He ambushed my angelfish and I watched him try to eat it, I got the angel fish out of his claws. Then I thought he was molting becuase he was missing a good chunk of his face and his claws. Then the same night I saw my oscar corner him and tear at him. I got him out and put him in a temporary little tank with eggshells for calcium. He died in a hour. I might try again when I have a better hiding spot for him.

You have the nessacary setup for him.

As for tank mates. He will take down anything that a little bigger than himself and smaller. I reccomend Fast fish that don't have long fins and that don't dwell on the bottom.

You can try

There's not much else you can put in a ten gallon. But you can learn through trial and error like myself.

Also they molt and become defensless, Lots of fish will take advantage during this state

I also know that you can have him speed up his molting by grinding eggshells with a mortar and pestle and sprinkling them on the bottom. This is from the calcium in the eggshell that they use to build there shell. Never take there old shell out because they also it that for calcium

You could throw in half a silver side for him a night so he could eat it. They will eat any left over food on the bottom

They eat smaller inverts like shrimps

No other crayfish even Reds because they will fight and if one molts before the other they will feast on them.

They are escape artist and will climb out and crawl around they can stay out of water as long as thier gills stay wet.
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