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Salt and a Snail

I know salt is deadly to snails... but by any chance is it safe to add a small about of dissolved salt to an aquarium if there is a snail in it, or is that as deadly? I'm thinking that salt needs to stay far away from the snail.

Has anyone ever seen the SpongeBob Squarepants episode where SpongeBob says "Remember Gary, curiosity salted the snail"? Never ceases to crack me up. Of course I have kids, so I am easily amused...


Pardon the pun, but I'm hooked!
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I've kept snails in aquariums with low salt concentrations without problems. The key I'd imagine is to keep the concentration of salt relatively low for the snails sake althought snails are generally pretty difficult to kill off.
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if its a mystery snail, be very careful. if you see it shriveling at all take it out immediately and put it in another tank, swishing him back and forth to get the salt off him

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1 Tablespoon per 10 gallons has never hurt snails in my experience. Ramshorns, pond, Columbian Rams, and Mystery snails; none of them had a problem with it. My plants hated it but the snails didn't seem to mind.

Just curious, why are you wanting or needing to add salt?
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My apple snails don't mind a bit of salt in their water, but too much, I'd assume, would kill them off.

Everyone loves the chocolate.

-Love them Loaches-
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