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Red Chilli Crabs

This is a discussion on Red Chilli Crabs within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hello, I was given a Red Chilli Crab from a friend. It is missing one leg and one claw but currently seems to be ...

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Dojo Loach
Dojo Loach
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Red Chilli Crabs


I was given a Red Chilli Crab from a friend. It is missing one leg and one claw but currently seems to be doing ok and eating everything I put in front of it. It has claimed the top of an empty breeder net and dips below the water occationally. I sprinkle a litte water on it when it looks dry. This is just a temporary home or now.

The only thing is that I do not know much about them. Even the LFS it came from could not give me much information about them and I cannot find anything about them on the Internet except for they are newly becoming popular as pets in aquariums.

Has anyone ever heard of a Red Chilli Crab or have any information about them? Or where to find info about them?

Thanks for viewing.
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Here is a photo of him.

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Looks to me like a red clawed mangrove crab.
Unfortunately these crabs are sold under the most funniest & most creative names out there rather then a simple ID via their lat. names....
These kinda crabs do survive for a while fully under water but they need "land" to get out on and air. Generally they feed of plant matter naturally. The don't do well in soft aciid water so a pH of 7.5 or ideally higher is desirable and a good hardness (10-20 degrees).

The missing claw can have happened either due to a fight/ predator in the previous tank or while molting.
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I know this is off topic, but thats the cutest thing I've ever seen.
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