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Question about breeding RCS

At the moment I have some RCS, but just purchased some Sakura and Fire Reds as well.

I know that you arent supposed to house different types of neocardinia (sp?) together because it'll make them revert to natural colorations if they breed together, but since they are all red and in the RCS family, will this be an issue?

I dont mind housing them all seperately, I have plenty of room, just wanted to check to see what others opinions are first.


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From what I understand. You will end up with diluted genes and colours. BUT I am going on third hand information to be honest. Interested in what you find out!
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I feel you would be safe to house them together. You probably will get some basic cherries. Just cull those out and you'll be fine. Did you get Fire Red males or just Fire Red females?


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