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Possibly injured apple snail..?

This is a discussion on Possibly injured apple snail..? within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Aaaah, I'm so sorry to hear this, dear. :( I wonder if he was already on his way out, and that's why he was ...

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Possibly injured apple snail..?
Old 07-17-2012, 11:28 PM   #21
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Aaaah, I'm so sorry to hear this, dear. :( I wonder if he was already on his way out, and that's why he was being targeted in the first place? Poor little thing. . .

Mmmm, as for Calcium. . . I do NOT have an answer for you. From my understanding, the only way to really do it right is to increase the hardness (calcium content) of your water! I can't do this, because of the other creatures I keep :/ For the time being, they're all fine. The Olive has some chips on her shell - she came to me that way, I've seen no signs of trouble since I got them - but it's only been a few months since I started my first tank (I read a lot ;)) I have plans to make a hard/salinated tank for my Mollies (purchased before I knew anything), and I'll probably be putting my Nerite snails in there for their own health and happiness. People try to supplement the diet of the snails with calcium, but I have no idea if this really works. I also don't know if the creature inside of the shell is caused harm from living in soft-water conditions - but sadly, I think that it almost has to have a negative effect on them - it isn't the kind of water they were made for. Which sucks, because (as you might have guessed) I REALLY like snails! I think they're super cool! I also have a small army of Malaysian Trumpet Snails (I think there are pics of these guys in my aquariums - the 29) living in my tanks - those I will never be able to rehome, so I hope they continue to do okay. . .

As for personalities - they do - but all of mine are different, so I don't know what the 'norm' is! I had Apples and Nerites in the same tank, and while the Apple was about, the Nerite was very much a ninja snail. I NEVER saw him move. I'd look at the tank, and he'd just be sitting wherever. . . I'd glance away and he'd be on the other side of the tank - but I never saw him move! For months. . . after the Apple died, he started moving around a lot more, like constantly. . . I don't know if this is because there was more algae in my tank after the Apple stopped eating it or if it was a territory thing, but now he trucks all over the tank. They tend to be invisible, as a general rule. I don't think they hide, exactly. . . they just blend in really well - while the Apple's stand out. My Olive Nerite has always been VERY active. *shrug* Apples have more personality, just because you can see their little faces peeking out. They're hilarious when they climb onto (and fall off of) grasses and such - the Nerites. . . are more serious than that. I've never seen one do anything silly. My girls and I really liked watching our Apples, and we really like trying to find our Nerites! I love them - and they seem to stay alive for me, so I'm good with that.

Other odd things that I can think of. . .
They don't have a foot, and their shells come down much farther than the Apple's do - you can only just see them underneath when they're moving - more of just a magic shell ;) You want to make sure they don't fall upside-down, cuz' they may not be able to flip over again.

They're tidal snails, so can live out of the water for short periods of time, and can easily escape a tank, if you aren't prepared for it. The theory is that they won't try to leave if they're happy - mine don't, and they easily could if they wanted to. A couple of mine stayed juuuuuust above the waterline when I first introduced them to the tank for a few days, but once they got used to things, they were okay with it, and I haven't seen them out of the water since.

Sometimes when they're introduced to a tank they go into a state of dormancy for a day or three before they get used to things and decide it's going to be okay. . .

If you can get them at PetCo, make sure - these snails can live in fresh or brackish water - and anything in-between. They only breed in brackish, though - I'm not sure if PetCo keeps them in their tropical or saltwater section - or if it matters. I have no idea how to tell gender - aside from the fact that the girlies lay eggs ;) Technically, both Stripe and Olive Oil are females. I've read that you can tell gender, as the male's 'junk' is folded up neatly by his antanae - but I guess if I have any boys, they've never taken it out when I was looking!
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Old 07-18-2012, 12:40 AM   #22
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Haha! You are a riot!
I do have pond snails in most of my tanks, they just keep multiplying from my fry tank, so i just put em in my other ones when they get bigger!
Snails are just so much fun, i love watching mine!

I may decide to do a hard water nano tank, for mysteries, cause they are just so darned cute! What is an optimal tank for them? hardness/temp/ph? Would i be able to get the params right in a 5.5 gallon?

I should be going to Petco tomorrow, so if i see any awesome nerites, im gonna nab me two! My remaining blue apple snail will go to live in my bettas 5.5, the tank im wondering if i could turn hard. [Bettas can live in soft or hard water, correct?]

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Old 07-18-2012, 07:39 AM   #23
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Betta are weird, they do seem to do well in a very broad range of water conditions - but I really don't know what they do BEST in. Maybe the people on the Betta forum can answer that question with a little more clarity for you! The minimum tank size for one apple snail is usually put down at 2.5 gallons, but in my experience this is too small! I tried to keep ONE and ONLY ONE snail in a 1g and a fully cycled 3g cool water tank, and in both cases the snail went inactive, and after a few days started floating around looking for something better - though they were still alive. I tried the 3g with more than one Apple snail, with the same results. When put into a 10g, they became active again - so. . . I don't know! I don't know if their inactivity was 'normal' for them, because of the cooler water, or if it was a tank size issue. *shrug* A LOT of people keep a snail with a betta and have no problems, so this combo might work for you, but it will also depend on your fish, some betta can be quite aggressive - even toward sweet little Apple snails.

I haven't been able to track down any definite levels on hardness for snails, but you should be shooting for a Gh between 8-18 and a Ph around 7 - I think :) It might be a good idea to get one of the API test kits for copper, too. It's a cheap test. Copper is deadly to snails, and often is found in tap water because of old pipes.

POND SNAILS (Bladder snails) and Ramshorn snails are totally different from my pretty little Malasians ;) I actually put the MTS in my tank to help aerate the sand bed for me - they're adorable! But I take great pains to make sure the other types stay out of my tank, lol! I don't have the heart to kill them, so I have a 1g tank set up for the ones who ride in on my newly purchased plants. THESE guys are UNSTOPPABLE. I've put Bladder snails in straight tap water in a jelly jar with a lid, and handed it off to a trio of 2 year old kids. After 4 days, they were still alive and thriving - and there were babies and eggs! (this is when I put them into their own 1g tank, lol!) I don't know what their magic power is, but I'm impressed!

Anyway, good luck with your snaily friends! Let me say again that I have no idea what I'm talking about - I'm totally new at this stuff, too, so you might want to post somewhere else in search of better/more experienced information.

Let me know how it goes. . .

Snails are WEIRD!
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Old 07-18-2012, 07:41 AM   #24
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P.S. Snails can be an intermediate host for some parasites and such that can affect your fish - so don't forget to QT any new arrivals!
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Old 07-18-2012, 12:29 PM   #25
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Pond snail are ridiculous!! They breed when they are so small, they just never stop reproducing!!
Hmm, I'll have to try the smaller tank, and see how my blue reacts! It does have a heater, but the temp is at 76, since it's a crappy in adjustable, but my betta doesn't seem to mind. He's always been sleepy, but active.
I can't wait to get my nerites! I should be leaving soon for petco!
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Old 07-18-2012, 02:44 PM   #26
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Petco didn't have nerites! =[
Though I did get NLS in 1mm and .5 mm...
I will be on the hunt for nerites!!
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Old 07-18-2012, 03:16 PM   #27
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NLS is the best stuff, I think :) Good luck on the hunt for Nerites!
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