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Possibly injured apple snail..?

This is a discussion on Possibly injured apple snail..? within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> sick snail vid - YouTube And a couple shots... Im worried! Edit** The hard part, the "door" isnt smooth. its flaky, and seems rather ...

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Possibly injured apple snail..?
Old 07-16-2012, 01:02 AM   #11
LyzzaRyzz's Avatar
sick snail vid - YouTube

And a couple shots...
Im worried!

The hard part, the "door" isnt smooth. its flaky, and seems rather small. I never noticed before because she was always out!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg sick snail 1.jpg (86.7 KB, 29 views)
File Type: jpg sick snail 2.jpg (88.2 KB, 25 views)

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Old 07-16-2012, 12:13 PM   #12
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I have seen this in my Apple snails before. . .

It can be due to several things, and is usually not a cause for concern. If a snail is suddenly getting lots of yummy food - it can grow very quickly, and it may take his trapdoor a bit of time to catch up.

Sometimes the flesh around the trapdoor can become damaged, either by nippers, or from a fall - whatever the reason, this damage can keep it from growing. If it has been damaged to the point that it falls off - don't worry! These can and will grow back in as little as 2 weeks if the snail is kept in ideal conditions and has a lot of calcium to aid in shell development. (I think I also forgot to mention to you that their antennae can grow back after being damaged, too!)

It could also just be that this is the way God made this snail! Just like people, snails are all unique, with their own set of genetics and DNA - he might have been born this way :) In my experience some snails have smaller ones, some are thicker, some thinner - not sure why, but there is variety within the species!

The best thing to do for Apple Snails is to keep them in water in the temperature range in the lower 70's, and make sure to supplement their diet with high amounts of calcium. They wont' do well in soft water, and in my opinion, aren't very well suited to a tropical community tank - which is why I've stopped keeping them, personally. I love the species, though. Apples are wonderful little snails - I hope yours feel better soon!!!

Hope this helps!

Edit: I just read the previous posting. . . sorry I missed it! Snails. . . are so weird - honestly!

It is NOT unusual for them to go still, especially when they're nice and full, OR have taken some injury and just want to sit it out for a bit. Since he's been being nipped on, AND hanging around the food bowl, both seem to be the case here. It is also quite common for them to go floating all about the tank. ALSO, since you switched tanks, he's probably adjusting to the changes in the water, as well. Oftentimes, snails can go inactive for days when switched to a new tank! LEAVE HIM ALONE - let him do his snail thing, and as long as nobody is picking on him, he'll probably be okay.

Just to cover all bases, what are the water paramaters - including temp. How high are the nitrates in your tank, and are you through the cycling process? I've heard you say your water is hard, then soft - which is it? As I mentioned before, Apples are REALLY sensitive to changes in parameters, and do not do well in newly set-up tanks. From the picture, it looks like your snail might be CHUBBY!!!! Snails can swell up due to overeating (they usually spend some time inactive if this is the case, and slim down again). They can also swell due to toxins in the water, including some medications. Give him time to acclimate and rest, resist the urge to poke him for at least 24 hours :)

Good luck! Apples can be tricky. . . I hope yours does well.

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Old 07-16-2012, 12:52 PM   #13
LyzzaRyzz's Avatar
My params are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrIte, 0-3ppm nitrAte. My water is very soft, 1-2 drops. I add reptile calcium blocks, as that's what my lfs has. I might buy some cuttlebone, I heard apples really like it?

She hadn't moved all night, so I moved her to a small critter keeper, though when I am done writing this, I'll move her back!
Thank you so much for your wisdom!
I'll put her under my log decoration, so she might be sheltered from anything in the tank.
I will leave her be, and keep you updated!

Oh, I really like snails, so what other big snails are there? Would a different species more suited to my tank?
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Old 07-16-2012, 01:40 PM   #14
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These are pictures from right brfore i put her back in the 45. She is now nestled in, and im hoping shes okay!
snail dormant 1.jpg

snail dormant 2.jpg

Snail 3.jpg

snail dormant 4.jpg

The other pictures are of where she is, and my other snail, coming to find out what was going on!

snail dormant in tank 1.jpg

dormant snail in tank 2.jpg

dormant snail blue snail 1.jpg

dormant snail blue snail 2.jpg

dormant snail blue snail 3.jpg

dormant snail blue snail 4.jpg

dormant snail blue snail 5.jpg

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Old 07-16-2012, 04:40 PM   #15
Chesh's Avatar
Awww, poor little guy is having a hard week!!! I hope he's okay, too.

Apple snails are wonderful creatures, and though many people keep them, I don't think they're really very good for the tropical aquarium - I've (sadly) given up keeping them myself, because I don't think it's really very nice! I'm always SOOOO tempted by them when I see them in the shops - they're so CUTE!

In cooler temps, these guys can live for 3 years or more, and get HUGE! I've read of 10 year old apple snails (Good to note that there are also a couple of different species lumped into the common name Apple or Mystery snail - what I've kept, and what you probably have is Pomacea diffusa)

But when they're kept in normal aquarium temperatures of 77-78F, they only live for a year - maybe 18 months. The warmer water increases their metabolism - and speeds them up. They spend far more time than they normally would in constant motion, making them super entertaining in our tanks, but with the side-effect of making them age far more quickly than they should.

As a general rule, snails live in hard water, because of their shells - it makes sense. We have soft water, and try to supplement with giving calcium to the snail - without making the water any harder. I'm not really clear (and have been wondering) what effect living in soft water has on a snail - provided they get enough calcium - but regardless. . . the shells on mine have always been fine, and they grow like weeds in my tank. . .constantly on the run, eating everything in site - then, they start to slow down and have longer periods of inactivity - then they die. I have no way of knowing how old the snails were before they came to me, I just know that they don't live long for ME - in my established tank - for some unknown reason possibly related to the above. . . so I won't get them any more.

It isn't wisdom, just what I've read trying to figure out the mystery behind my Mystery snails! I'm not the ONLY one to have had this problem, but some people do keep them alive for the full 18 months or so in their tanks *shrug* I hope yours do really well!

I've had better luck with the Nerite snails - who are much more suited to the warmer temperatures (up to around 77f. They still prefer harder water than I have, of course (and can't breed unless the water is salinated), but so far I haven't lost one. *shrug*

Snails are WEIRD! Hopefully your little guy does well and thrives after this!
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Old 07-16-2012, 10:35 PM   #16
LyzzaRyzz's Avatar
Wow, Nerites look awesome!
I think im going to nab me a couple of those guys..do you have pictures of yours? any tips, advice? Ill be researching as well! =]

I wish id known about the metabolism thing..though, it does make perfect sense. Looks like o wont be buying anymore apple snails!
Im pretty sure my lps doesnt sell them, though they might be able to order them...ill have to ask!

As for my snail, she rolled off the bushy thing, and hasnt moved from behind it. My blue snail keeps going over to her, and it seems like hes checking on her...
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Old 07-16-2012, 10:50 PM   #17
Chesh's Avatar
:( Poor little guy! I DO have pictures of at least one or two of my nirites - I think *maybe* two of them, I'll have to check, lol! I actually have a couple different types - they're really cool little guys, but I DO feel a bit guilty about bringing them into such a soft water tank. Your tank sounds very much like mine do, soft water, low nitrates. . . but while the Apples only seem to make it for a few months (for me), so far my little Nerites are doing great! As I said - they're better with the tropical temps than the Apples are. But I'm only just learning about this stuff myself, so I'm no expert. . . the Nerites are really neat, I love mine, but they aren't as FUN as the Apples are. They keep their heads low/in, and it's hard to see their little faces - where the Apples are very open and obvious. . . I'll go see if I can find you some pics. . . I'm sure I have them in this computer somewhere ;)

As for your poor little friend, give him a full 24 hours without bugging him - on Wednesday, if he still hasn't moved (not meaning actually moving AROUND, but moved in ANY way - in or out of his shell) gently pick him up and touch his bottom. When you touch him, he should do his best to retract as far as he can into his shell. If he doesn't - or if he's already as far in as he can go, see if you can wiggle his trapdoor. When a snail is living, the operculum is VERY strong, and it won't budge if you try to (gently) tug on it. But when a snail passes, their muscles relax, and the operculum becomes easy to pull open/wiggle around. I'm betting that your other snail will start feasting on him if he DOES pass (I really hope he doesn't). Once you take him out of the water and give him a whiff, you'll be able to smell a dead snail very easily. . .

Hopefully that information is not needed though. I hope he's just stressed out right now, and will be feeling right as rain any time. Remember that it is NOT unusual for them to lay dormant for a few days, or to go floating about. So his inactivity in and of itself is NOT cause for concern. Neither is his small operculum or really even his antennae, so much. He's probably stressed out from the guppies bugging him - though I do wonder why they're picking on only ONE snail.

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Old 07-17-2012, 08:14 PM   #18
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How's your little snail friend doing today? Any movement? Hope he's back to his old self!

As promised, here are pics of two of my nerite snails. I'll have to get pictures of the others for you - I'm *sure* I have some somewhere, but I can't for the life of me find them!!!

This little buggy is an Olive Nerite:

He's only about a half of an inch right now, and he'll only get as big as an inch before he's done. It's hard to see his stripey pattern unless you look REAAAAAAALY closely - the stripes are so fine, he just looks, well, olive! Very cool little guy :)

This is Stripe, my oldest Nerite snail. He's a Zebra Nerite, and the most common ones I see in fish shops (around here, anyway). Stripe is full grown at about an inch or so. . .

I have two other types of Nerites. . . sorry, no pics! You can see what I mean about them being less personable, and having a lower shell. Bonus is that nothing can bug 'em - these little guys are tough! The only thing I DON'T like about them is that they leave little white eggs all over everything. I just scrape them off when I do my water changes, but they're next to impossible to get off of driftwood and such. Doesn't bother me, but some people really don't like it. The eggs can't hatch - or at least the young can't survive - unless they're in brackish water, so no problems with that. :)

Good luck again on your little Apple.
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Old 07-17-2012, 09:38 PM   #19
LyzzaRyzz's Avatar
Sadly, my little apple is dead..all the guppies were eating her, and the other snail was trying to, so i scooped her out, and instantly smelt her. Dead as a doornail.
Though, i have a cray fish, so nothing goes to waste, though i just dropped her in and left the room..Im sure shes gone by now, but i cant bring myself to check. My cray usually mows right through anything in no time. I might make my boyfriend go check...

I really like your zebra nerite!
Do they have different personalities? I know apples are curious, and into everything, but are nerites usually more shy? more timid? Do they still come out and cruise the tank?

As far as i know, petco has nerites, and i should be going soon to grab me some new life spectrum...Are they easy to tell the differnce between sexes? Or, it really doesnt matter, since they cant be reared anyways. im sure my gups will eat the eggs they lay! Oh,a nd apples and nerites..do they get along?
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Old 07-17-2012, 09:39 PM   #20
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Oh, are there other ways of adding calcium to the tank? What do you use?
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