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Exclamation Mystery snail and Swordtail

Hello, I have a tank of 74 liters with 3 swordtail fish and some plants but it's being filled with algae. I used to have a Chinese Algae Eater but it began to annoy my swords so I put it in another tank.
Then I read that mystery snails are good cleaners but I was wondering if they are compatible or not with my swords.
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a mystery snail should be fine with your swordtails. my swordtails never bug the snails.

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Good companios for my swordtails?

Ten I'll get one as soon as I can! Thanks.
By the way does anyone knows about any good companions for my swords? I especially like big tetras like lemon tetras and others. Can they live together?
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74 liters is about 19 gallons. Swordtails and snails might be all you've got room for, especially if you want to keep fry alive! your best options might be bottom feeders.

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I would go with a nerite snail instead of a mystery, especially if you want it to eat algae.

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^very true. my nerite snails are all magical beings who absolutely chomp through algae.

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mystery snails , swordtails

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