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Is a Mystery Snail right for me?

So I've got my tank all set up now, just waiting for the water to get up to temp before I add fish. I'd like a critter to crawl areound and clean up the bottom of my 20 gallon tank. Would a "gold" mystery snail be a good thing? Do they require any special care?

I will be adding danios and neon tetras if that helps.
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I have heard that a mystery snails are good cleaners. The only down fall is that they poop alot. Another fish to think about is a rubberlip pleco. They only get 2inches and love to eat. They are very lazy fish so you don't have to worry about them bothering your other fish.
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Mystery snails are great! I own one, and they are so cute and entertaining! But, don't expect it to keep the tank really really really spotless, they DO eat algae, but they also poop a LOT! Overall, they are great!

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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go with some shrimp. they dont poop a lot and eat some varieties of algae.

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I've got two now, a gold one and a smaller black one. They're really cool critters!
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I love apple snails! I have two! Very active one even jumps! Theyre the highlights of my aquariums when my friends come over

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Mine jumps too! He climbs to the tops of the plants and jumps off! Base jumping snails. :D
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Question Feeding snails a varied diet; zucchini...

I was told zucchini & other veggies are good for snails. Makes sense. Where do I put the veggie to feed the snail? Food goes bad & I don't want to be fishing slimy food out every day or two.

These are Mystery Snails (2). I have a 10 gallon tank w/ Mollies. Nothing special.
There is a whole lot of surface space. Big rocks. Large aggregate. Deco stuff. etc.

I put a bit on a skewer & held it near one & dinner was served.
Is that what I need to do? Peel & skewer some & lodge it in somehow?
Is there a snail food bowl on the market I don't know about?
I feel so stupid having to ask but I love my aquatic habitat & my snails look anemic.

No muss no fuss w/ the food.
Any advice?

Nikki Finn's Human
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I mainly feed the zucchini for the benifit of my platties, but the snail loves them too. Lust cut a slice, boil it until it sinks, and plop it into your tank. The snails will finish it, and I think your mollies will like it too.
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