The mystery snail mystery...
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The mystery snail mystery...

This is a discussion on The mystery snail mystery... within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> The past 3 days I have been finding my mystery snail flipped over on it's back. I've had to use my net to put ...

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The mystery snail mystery...
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Question The mystery snail mystery...

The past 3 days I have been finding my mystery snail flipped over on it's back. I've had to use my net to put it right side up. Is this normal behaviour? I've only had my snail for a week or so and I'm not familiar with their mannerisms, this is my first one. I'm concerned that perhaps my fish are picking on him and he's being flipped over. Does anyone know what is going on? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Mystery snails can be very odd little creatures, in my experience. It is completely normal for them to go dormant from time to time, particularly when adjusting to new parameters, or if they're full and not in need of food. The flipping over part just goes with the territory. . .

That said, these snails are particularly sensitive to changes in nitrate, so it is a possibility (hopefully not!) that if he was not properly acclimated, he could be in trouble. Not much that you can really do for him but watch, wait, and hope for the best. . . I hope he's just being a normal fat sleepy snail!
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