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Well all I know is that I have hundreds in my sand. I'm going to send Mordalphus a bunch of them as he wanted Assassin snails on Tuesday. He wanted both colors. I'm doing a trade. I will be including some of my Black Bar Endler babies from my pond.

I think the little ones are cute. The Dark Brown and the two toned DK. Brown and yellow striped one are the same type of snail just different color. If you look at the photos I posted you can see that dark trumpet type nose thing that Assassins have. it makes sense that they are Assassin snail babies as they are emerging out of the sand as they bury into the ground after they hatch and come up after several months eating food left over from the fish. I have no damage to my live plants as they are not really a plant eater.What ever they are I like them better then MTS snails and or Ramshorn. I see all kinds of Assassin egg pods in my 10 gal. tank. I only have 2 in that tank but I might have to seperate them as I seem to have enough little snail in my sand. I'm not even such if the yo yo loaches are eating them as I still see the tiny ones in the sand. I do however see less on the glass.
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Yeah, just look at the flared opening, those are assassins. Either assassins or some yet to be discovered aquarium snail :P

I'm getting your stuff all boxed up now, be sure to let me know if you want anything else, might as well utilize the box.

-- liam
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Mordalphus, Put in a small peice of your sword plant if it is low light. I have Java Moss and Ricca moss already unless it is something different then what I have. I will put 1 male endler that has already colored up in the box I will be sending you as well. I will put some baby powdered food for the endler fry and some flakes food as I changed out my flake food and have alot of Tetramin tropical flakes mixed with bloodworms and dryed brine shrimp. I know what you mean as I would like to use up the extra space in my box being sent. My water lettuce in my pond has really cute baby lettuces that are only 1" big. I will be sure to throw those in the bag with the babies.

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