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my new zebra snail!

This is Edward my new zebra snail. I love him and had to share.
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he's cool looking

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
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Very cool. I'm always amazed at how pretty these snails are.

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Cool! Did you get it from the LFS, or did you have to order it online?

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My LFS, lucky for me they have tons of snails and always have different kinds coming in. I most certainly will be getting more. The two zebras I bought are currently in charge of cleaning the fry tank. I also picked up 3 red cherry shrimp for the main tank ( will definitely be getting more as well )
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Lucky you. That snail is very pretty. They do a great job on cleaning a tank. I have not had much luck with the bigger snails like Mystery snails. I think it was because I did not feed enought calcium foods. My Assassin snail are doing good though.
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I just got 2 last week.

They are so cool!

One is now above the water line on the inside of my hood!! I looked & looked - couldn't find him any where - my tank is only 6 gal!!

I flipped up the lid & there he is

I'm not sure if I should put him back down in the water or not. He obviously can get back down by himself. I touched him & he's stuck pretty good.

I read some snails will lay their eggs above the water line. So maybe that's what SHE is doing??

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Covering opening on top of tank with Plastic mesh

Just a quick note. These guys can climb out of your tank if you have any opening on top. I had a Mystery snail that I could not find when I went on vacation when I came back. I found it across my dining room behind a plant dead when I was cleaning my house. It crawled out and went way across the room and died. I have plastic screens over all the opening in my big tank now. I bought plastic mesh at Micheals craft store and put them over the openings that were big enough for my fish or snails to get out. yo yo loaches are jumpers also.The plastic mesh comes in a lot of different colors so you can find a match for your hood color.
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The tank is an eclipse with a full top.

I have a betta & since they can be jumpers I knew I'd need a tank with a solid top.

It's a pain to do anything - you have to remove the entire lid - but at least I know all my critters will stay inside.

He/she has started back down - but is still about an inch above the water.

I've been trying to come up w/ gender neutral names since I have no idea what they are

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Changing Eclipse hood filter to a Hang on back filter

My small kitchen tank is a Eclipse also. I hated the hood filter. The bio wheel always got stuck and did not move at all sometimes. I changed it to a hang on back 10 gal. filter with a bio/sponge. I cut the middle plastic bar as I hated that as it was always in the way. I cut out part of the back plastic for the hang on back filter to fit and drilled holes on the side and attached some black plastic mesh that I got at Micheals craft store and used black tie wraps to secure it. No openings in the back for snails or jumpers to escape. I used those heavy duty wire cutter scissors to cut the back out and the plastic bar on the frame I used a saw. Keep in mind that you must be careful when making your cuts as the top lid has to fit back on.

I posted pictures below:

1st pic- hang on back filter you can see how I put the plastic black mesh in the back

2nd pic- is from above on top Bar all gone

3rd pic - The tank front with the lid put back on
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