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Mussle Shells

I ate a bunch of mussels today and have about 20 double shells here, I know shells have loads of calcium and I was thinking about adding them to my 2.4 for my snails and cherry shrimp, how long will it take for the calcium from the shells to make a difference to the water? and how many should I add?


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Well, unless your water is acidic, the shells will probably only dissolve very, very slowly and thus not really do much to your water parameters. That said, the snails might munch on them and get some calcium that way. I would give them a good boil and thorough rinse before putting them in my tank, though.

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I have seen the snails on them. I was thinking about adding them as the substrate but now it just seems pointless if its not going to do much to the levels. I think I will just feed them Hikari Crab Cuisine which I see a lot of people suggest.

At the minute I have silver gravel in the tank and its not very easy to find the shrimp against this colour, is there a colour other than black that will make the RCS really pop?

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Well, if you're talking about adding enough to cover the whole bottom of the tank, that might make some difference in the pH/hardness.

One thing I hadn't thought of before: how sharp are the edges of these shells? If they're really sharp the snails might injure themselves on them.

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They aren't sharp at all, I haven't crushed them just dropped them in the edges are rounded and smooth. I never thought about sharp edges for a snail, thats something to bare in mind for the future =)

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I doubt mussel shells contain a lot of calcium enough to make quite a significant difference in your hardness levels. You can add them in your tank just fine without worrying about your water conditions. This is assuming they're the freshwater ones.

SW shellfish usually have more calcium buildup on their shells.

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Any dark substrate will make your RCS adjust color. Black and brown are the best... but flourite red is good too.

But I'd use black if anything. Also, lots of calcium will cause your shrimp to have molting problems.
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