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Seems like a lot of fish. I'm not sure what size they are now but if you haven't already you should plan on upgrading. Whenever inverts, mostly snails, are thrown into the equation the bioload goes way up because they are very dirty. Pouch snails/pond snails can definately make the water foggy. But you should be having higher readings of ammonia if that was the case.

Some seem to think assassins are constantly murdering but I would expect them to eat about .5" of snails a day. And thats when they don't have any leftover food to munch on. In my opinion I don't believe that MTS run to the top of the tank because they think they are being hunted.

It is very common to find every kind of snail in filters. You should check them with every tank change.

Is the water still foggy?
Did you try doing a tank change?

Something else I just thought you have sand substrate? Is it that kind of fog where sediment is floating. This can last a long time.


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Could one of you spare some MTS? (and mail them?)

Me and another guy in the classifieds section need them. I can help you ship them.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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I have tons of MTS as well, some of them go to the surface, even during the day and hang out, then go back down. My water chemistry is stable and its a well matured tank. If a lot of the snails are running for the surface, theres a chemistry issue, if only a couple are, its not that much of an issue.
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@dfbiggs: Earliest I can upgrade is in July, but that's a bit from now as I'll be needing to save up for a stand+tank and the extras. And I think the water is foggy cause of the sand I used; perhaps I didn't do as good of a job as cleaning as I thought *I added some more* but the water isn't super cloudy. I say its cloudy because it isn't crystal clear like it was before, but it could be potentially due to the driftwood pieces I added and tannin leaking into the water. So the issue with the "cloudy" water isn't that big of an issue, its mainly aesthetics as I have come to conclude. Also, in terms of my water chemistry, its pretty much perfect even with such a large bio load. It could be potentially due to the number of plants I got *anacharis and water wisteria I hear are ammonia sponges, and I got plenty of both* I also added 2 banana plants to the mix and will be anchoring some java moss down to my drift wood. The only thing that I have an issue with is the amount of fish poo. Hahaha. But other than that my parameters are really good.

@redchigh: Sure, if my population jumps up to over 10, I'll be glad to ship you some. Keep in touch!

@Sincrisis: Yea, its just 1 or 2 snails at the most. The rest of the gang is just happy plodding around in the sand or crawling around the walls eating algae.
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