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More Mystery Egg Clusters

Well I am up to 4 more clusters now, hopefully one of them will hatch this time. Has not been a problem getting the clusters but
I have not had one hatch yet. Anyway, here is the most recent, and largest one I have ever seen layed. Thanks to Trishfish,
I hope to have a lot more baby lavender snails in about 3 weeks or so.

This cluster was layed sometime last night. I have not removed it yet so it has a chance to harden up. The last one I removed too early
and wound up cracking a few.

It is just under 1.75 inches long and is 3/4 inch wide. I have no clue how many eggs but would estimate it at about 350-400
in the cluster. I counted 200 on top so it could be even more than that. Hopefully not every single one will hatch. In
total I could have 6-700 eggs in the 4 clusters.

The algae on the tank is there intentionally to feed the adults when they want to "graze" and to mostly feed the babies when,
or should I say if they hatch.
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Congrats on your clutches! If there are too many eggs, you could only hatch a portion. It's hard raising 400 babies all at once, believe me! If you go for it, keep up the calcium. I'll be waiting for an update. :)
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Ok, let's say for arguements sake I get half of all the eggs to hatch which could be as many as 500. I dose 1,200 mg of calcium every other day right now. How much should I up the dosage?

I have algae growing throughout the tank except on the front so I hope the babies have plenty to eat without having to roam too far and tire themselves out.

Is there anything else I should prepare for as far as feeding, water parameters or anything else?
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Be sure to post photos of the babies if they hatch. :D
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Eeew I got goosebumps from looking at those :( But congrats

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Nice egg clutch. Looks like it's in great condition.

Keep us updated with pics.

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that looks awsome,
hope they hatch. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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congrats!! I hope you have many (but not too many) wee ones :D

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Well I have 10 clutches now. 2 of them look like they are getting ready to hatch as they have turned that moldy, milky color on the outside. If this keep up I will have to set up a 5 gallon just to house the snail eggs!
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