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Molting question

This is a discussion on Molting question within the Invertebrates forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hello everyone, A few days ago my bamboo shrimp molted and I was so happy because it was the first time I've seen such ...

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Molting question

Hello everyone,

A few days ago my bamboo shrimp molted and I was so happy because it was the first time I've seen such a thing. I shared the news with one of my pals and he laughs at me saying, "It's going to die in a week. Everything I owned that molted died a week later." And now because of my friend's experience, I'm really apprehensive about my bamboo shrimp.

The bamboo shrimp has been in hiding ever since the molt, but i just checked and it seems like it's hungry, since it has its fan-claws out trying to get some food.

Are there any ways to strengthen the shrimp's carapace/shell? Any other advice?

Oh and also, what should i do with the molt? My ghost shrimp seem to be having a blast nipping away at it.

Thanks guys!

It just climbed up one of my plants and is filter feeding. Seems like it's okay for now.

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For starters after molting, they feel vulnerable to predators, so they hide, so what you're is doing is perfectly normal.
If your friends shrimp keep dieing during or after molting, he's got a problem that either leads back to poor nutritions in food for them or water quality or both.
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Yeah, as far as I know molting has nothing to do with impending death, lol
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Molting is perfectly natural. Some shrimp will eat their molt. Fish may eat it also.
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