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Invertebrates and Amphibians?

Can any combination of species of the two exist in the same tank? I have a terrarium with a deep water part and a good-sized island part, which I would like to place a couple frogs (or newts, or... something), and would really like to place maybe a crab, or crawdad, or something of that nature, and some type of shrimp. Or, even possibly, a turtle. But I won't get my hopes up.

... though I am guessing that everyone would eat everyone else.

Any ideas?
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Snails would work with some amphibians, at least, I keep a mystery snail with ADFs.

Shrimp would get eaten, crawfish would eat the amphibians.

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If you had a small frog that didn't excrete anything toxic you could probably house it with some fish. They'd need to be large enough not to be eaten but small enough not to pick on the frog.
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It depends.

I would not put Newts with any kind of clawed invert as they are so slow they would would get killed with in a few days.

Frogs would depend on what kind
Creys will get big and kill what ever they can so these are best kept with other creys. I have 10 fiddlers, one water mellon crabs with snails and ghost shrimp with no problems what so ever. But my tank is a 55 tall that is heavily planted w/turtle docks on each side with live moss.
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