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How fast to snails breed/grow?

Wondering if snails would breed and grow fast enough to be a food source for dwarf puffers. Also it would be a great help if anybody knew what kinds of snails are best for them, or if thats even a viable diet.
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I think you could breed them quick enough in a separate tank. It really depends you might need another food in case. If you are asking if you can keep them in the tank and they will reproduce quick enough to feed your puffers, I don't think they will. You'll need a different tank specially for raising snails.

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Ya Id keep a seperate tank, just curious about those cool puffers, its just 50% water changes weekly is a big turn off
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Totally depends on the snails. MTS, ramshorns and pond snails can all reproduce pretty quickly.

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Dwarf puffers you say?
I know the big ones can crunch the shells, but often the small ones just grab hold of the snail and shake it (like a dog with a chew toy) until the snail is dead.

I'd go with ramshorns and pond snails with a slight preference towards the pond, since they don't have a "door" on their shell to cover their opening.

MTS are probably too sneaky to be a viable food source-
you drop them in the tank and they'll burry themselves. (since they're nocturnal)

Ramshorns seem to be easier to breed though.. I put some in my tank about a month ago and I'm already seeing babies. :)
(If you order some plants from you can ask them to send you a couple dozen snails. They'll do it for free.

Thats how I got all my snails. :) I don't think they're on the plants... they must clean them or something before they ship them.

I don't think they should be the staple of the diet, you'll have to buy some other foods... Maybe some bloodworms and some slow-sinking granules and maybe some bloodworms or something. (I assume they feed from mid-water/bottom?)

I'd say snails could probably make up about 15-30% of their diet. They will still need vitamins from packaged foods.
(If you wanted to "gut-load" the snails it might be different.. Feed the snails high-quality fish food and place them in a shallow container of water with vitamins added... but if you're going to do all that why not just feed the puffers the food and vitamins, ya know?

If the puffers don't like "hunting" you might have to crush the snails for'em. (ramshorns can usually be crushed between your fingernails of you do it hard enough. MTS will break your nails. Dunno about pond...
If you have more than one tank, I'd just introduce the snails to one of your other tanks. They're great scavengers, and whenever you see one on the front glass just drop it in with the puffer.

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
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--------- Part 2


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I've never seen a dwarf puffer eat any type of prepared food. In fact, some of them will only reluctantly eat frozen foods. Basically, you need live foods until you can "train" them to eat the frozen stuff.

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I have some pond snails, but they would need to be breed aside since your Puffer decimate the colony fairly quick. Yes youo would need other food for the Puffers.
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