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Originally Posted by thefishboy View Post
ok maybe wen i move my shrimps and maybe goldfish to a bigger tank in a week or so ill put 1 or 2 in but my lfs is getting some really nice varietys of snails in yeyy

Just quarantine plants for a week individually to make sure no snail eggs or snails are there before adding them to your snail free tank. :)
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ok thank u

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I have lots of snails...

I still maintain that (in my experience) if the plants are healthy, snails won't bother them. Pond snails might nibble, but ramshorns?

All of those dots are ramshorns and ponds..

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

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Well the ramshorns around here are pretty much all like that.,
My plants were some of the most healthiest around here too,
Unlike alot I've seen, mine got really hugh leaves, were very nice.
Had alot of people buy from me simple because of how healthy they were.

You have alot but not as many as I had nor what I've seen in others tanks around here That have lost their plants due to these guys.

Already since I've rid my tanks of the rams, My plants are starting to flourish again.
This is what I had,

Floating plants like watersprite Their preferred method was to start at the roots, once the plant starts to be affected by the root destruction they move to the leaves & finish it off.

Always in NEED & looking for more Tanks!

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my snails weren't at all difficult to get rid of it seems.
Idk what happened to them.. I think it might have been ammonia poisioning. =/
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