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a good cleanup crew

are there any snails or other inverts that would eat decaying plant matter and missed food but not living plants to go in a tank with peaceful livebearers
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Bamboo shrimps and Malayan Trumpet Snails are detrivores.

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Ghost shrimp, cheap, effective, eats leftover food but i dont think they eat decaying plant matter
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And actually once you get some shrimp, you'll be surpirsed at how much you like them. I have three amano shrimp in my tank and a blue crayfish in my other tank and I love them all, they are entertaining and REALLY great at getting that junk on the bottom of tanks.
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ill try ghosts first there the cheapest :D
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ive tried varios types of shrimp before the fish seen to take an unbridled passion in killing them as soon as there out the bag but in tanks containg ciclids i bought 10 ghosts (10 for 1 pound) and they seem to be doing well the dont clean up that well they seen to prefer to swim to the top and eat fish food
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