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No that's fine, I need all the advice I can get! :D

It's just going to be a shrimp tank. I was going to ask if they can be kept with snails? I'm not planning to add any but no doubt some will sneak in on the plants.

I'm in England so would be a bit far for them to travel, but thanks! I'm just planning on getting some from the LFS.
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Originally Posted by 1stAquarium View Post
Wow, big tank for the shrimp, bet they love that! What do you do with all the babies?

Great idea, I'll put it in my main community tank for two weeks and then move it to the tank I'll be using for the shrimp.

I keep thinking of more questions...are there different types of Cherry Shrimp? I know there are different grades.

What temp do you keep your tank at?
Red Cherry Shrimp are Neocaridina heteropoda. There are color morphs such as the yellow and chocolate but they are the same shrimp. Mixing color morphs will result in the shrimp "reverting" back to a more natural brown coloration like they are in the wild. RCS are not red in nature but were selectively bred to create the red morph. There are Sakura, Fire Red, Painted Fire Red, Taiwan Painted, these are all Neocaridina heteropoda, just called different things based on their grade.

As far as what I do with babies, right now I am just letting them breed. Once I start getting lots of shrimp, I'll start pulling the nicer ones and placing them in their own tank. My goal is to breed at least Fire Red grade shrimp, for myself as well as to sell to hopefully help offset some of the cost of the hobby. I know that unless I did it on a huge scale it isn't profitable, but if I can at least support some of the cost I'd be happy.
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Great thread! I'm looking for potential tank mates for a selectively aggressive Betta (He picked on a blue apple snail, but has had no problems with a gold specimen introduced at the same time). Tank is 15 gal with moderate cover from live plants, a nice stack of medium sized rocks, and a HOB filter baffled at the inlet and outlet to reduce flow and ensure minimal water current. I was thinking a dozen ghost shrimp would make for an inexpensive test to see how the Betta would respond, but the RCS seems like a superior alternative.

If I added some java moss, additional plant cover, and a couple floating plants, is it possible that the prolific breeding of the shrimp would offset potential losses from predation? Anyone have success mixing Bettas and RCS in a tank this size?

BTW Nubster, that is a great looking tank. Nice work!

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You could need to start off with a pretty large colony from the start to stay ahead of predation. Of course you could get a smaller amount just to see how the Betta reacted and if it didn't start dining you could leave it as is or add some more. My Betta never bothered my shrimp when he was in my 75g tank. He would give chase to a tetra now and then but only for a few seconds then stop. He also did not like snails crawling on the glass. If he spotted one he'd knock it off everytime. I think it will largely depend on the personality of the fish. Worth a try.
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