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Have your had the tank for 5 days all together, or do you just start stocking 5 days ago? I don't know if an ammonia spike can cause your problem, but if your tank was not previously cycled before adding creatures, you'll hit this pitfall either way. If you're not familiar with the nitrogen cycle, you can read here: (thanks to Byron).

But maybe someone else can chime in on if its cycle related, I dunno.

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no i got the tank put plants in and set up then waited 2 weeks with plants in then got shrimp and snails and put the shrimp abd snails in becuase the pet shop recomended it becuase thier fragile they knew alot about shrimp it was a higky maintenced shop not random local pet shop with people who got no idea
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I don't know. The pH might be a little low for snails, most need a basic pH to maintain their shells. I def wouldn't let the pH fall any lower. But other than that, I don't know. I don't think it would hurt to do a 50% water change, making sure that temp and pH of the new water matches the tank water and using a good water conditioner. Yanno, just in case its an ammonia spike.

Other than that, maybe someone else will have a guess as to what's going on with your snails.

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well thanks alot for your help i keep my ph at neutral is thier anything i can do to help the snails iv read adding calcium but i dont understand
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well so what im wondering is while they live or die will they be fine if not anytihng i can do to fix it becuase im trying to breed them
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Exclamation summary

so basicaly what im asking is
A:will my tank be like this for all future snails? and how can i stop it?
B: will my snailes die?
C: how can i stop all the snails from dieing and stop this from happening to future snails please reply soon
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