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Ghost Shrimp With EGGS!

I have one of my 10 gallon tank sin my garage i use to raise up the trimming or other smalllll plants to a bigger size for my other tanks, all i have in it is ghost shrimp for fun ( about 20 ) and a floating breeder i use to hold my little fry until they are big enough for my other tanks.

Hopefully the baby shrimp will survive since ive never had a strictly shrimp tank before.

anyways, i thought someone might get a kick outta the mom fanning her eggs. I probably have about 10 pregnant females and they all have been showing the eggs under their tails during the last week. hopefully in about 3 more weeks ill have tons of littttle baby shrimp hiding amongst the plants ( i have a large sponge over my HOB intake tube so it is fry safe. I always keep them on my garage filters incase i have a sudden egg laying or overwhelming numbers of fry and need to put them somewhere bigger than a floating breeder lol)

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wow she is will definatly have some left should give some cherry reds a try ....

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Originally Posted by badxgillen View Post
wow she is will definatly have some left should give some cherry reds a try ....
Yeah she has the biggest bunch of eggs out of all the females, you can see one of the others fanning her eggs a little in the back ground.

I REALLLLYYY want to try some cherry shrimp soon, just gotta find some local shops that have them or ill find someone on the forum willing to ship me some.
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Thast so cool! My 'supposed' ghost shrimps are pregnant to.. but i dont think many of them will survive..

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