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if you have calcium deposits on the glass,your gh should be high enough for them.i would stop using the ferts for a while.see if that has any impact.i only use ferts in my shrimp tank when i see a deficiency in the plants.the last time i used them i lost my large cherry.she was 1 1/2 yrs old though.

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OK so an update: I quit using the liquid ferts, unfortunately nothing I can do about the in-substrate ferts. I don't know if I just had a "bad batch" of shrimp because all but two have died. Each time I got replacements the shrimp were milky. The two left are clear as can be and seem to be eating anything and everything. Just very curious that they would start dying off all of the sudden.
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I just got some ghost shrimp and put them in QT, only got four, they're harder to find here because so many use them as food. I did get them for my crayfish, but I hold out hope he'll leave some alone because I like them. :3

Anywho, my point...two of them came kinda cloudy died overnight, the other one feasted on some blanched cucumber and started clearing up. It may or may not have something to do with diet, but within a couple days he was a nice clear color and healthy again, his other two buddies(they were not cloudy but they did have cloudy spots starting to show), also cleared up the cloudy spots they were getting.

Perhaps it is a diet thing? I've also found if I keep them in a fish breeding pen for a while they seem to do pretty well over going right into the tank when I get them. So I am wondering if this could indicate something with the substrate because I was also having issues keeping the little boogers for a while there. I used to use root tabs in three of my tanks, but they do perfect in the one I haven't used them or ferts in in several months. The tank I had no ferts or substrate tabs they all did fine, they do well with some cucumber to nom at too. But I don't know if it is your problem, or even if it was mine and they just got better from whatever they had when purchased.

Try getting a net for them. A plastic one that is large that you can put plants in, one that gets algae on it easier. You can't do anything about the substrate tabs, so how about keeping them from walking on them and absorbing it?

If you can't find any of good size that wouldn't be cramped, I make my own. You need to find a plastic basket, make sure it will fit at the top, one that has either square holes in the sides or, well, anything for filtration and sew netting around them. I use window screen, soak it good it water and vinegar, and yes, lemon juice. Make sure that is washed off good(I wash it with lemon juice, don't soak it with it, you want to soak it OFF though). Lemon juice gets rid of soap and other toxins that may stick to those things. After that, rinse them in water and vinegar, or just well in water since the lemon juice should take care of everything, and then rinse THOROUGHLY. Not as hard as it sounds. lol I just soak it for an hour or two. :3
After that, stitch on the screen or mesh, whatever you want to use(just not wire or things that fall apart or erode over time...basically stuff that can handle being in water for long periods, or forever) with white, colorless thread. I also stitch in thread at the top and tape it to the outside of the tank to hold it in place on three sides, two places each, but you could probably find other ways. After that you can put things like moss balls in there, floating plants like crystalwort, java moss or stem plants...good stuff for them to hide in and feel secure, this way you also know they're getting enough to eat.

You don't have to use those permanently, unless you want to of course there are ways to make them look lovely and be livable for a permanent time(like I do with the plants and space and stuff, turkey baster also makes them easy as pie to keep clean on a smooth plastic bottom, and algae can grow pretty good in those for them to eat at), but with the right lights and water your plants should do ok without help. I suppose it depends on the plants, and eventually the tabs will dissolve over a few months and skitter out at some point. lol I have little fry nets like this, and also use them for my shrimp and they seem to do well in there, they also breed and the babies are less likely to be eaten by fish or filter. x.x Just an idea for you! Pop them in something, make sure they eat well and are feeling secure and not cramped or stress, I found that's pretty good medicine. You can put in cuttlebone bit for them too, that should help their carapaces.

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