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Freshwater Plant Snails!!!!!!

What Should I Do
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Re: Freshwater Plant Snails!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Afisher463
What Should I Do
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Manually remove them or bait them using a lettuce or any other veggies. Control feeding. Abundant food supply is often the main cause for population boom.

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Only two sure fire ways to get rid of them completely that I have tried. Copper treatment and loaches. I do not recommend you use copper if you ever EVER think you may want snails in the tank as it takes many months for the copper to be removed to levels low enough to be safe, maybe even years. As for loaches, only if you have enough room and have fish that are compatible. Oh and some plants are seceptible to copper so make sure to check before use. Salt can kill them but will kill your plants at high enough levels to kill snails. ( I have not tried this)

Otherwise, do like Lupin said. Take a small bottle, about 3 inches long, shove in some lettuce nuked for about 30 seconds and do not feed the fish for a couple days. The snails will collect in the bottle and you can remove them. Do this whenever they get out of control and don't overfeed.
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In Ron's humble opinion the best tank water doping is no doping at all.

The following is taken from Lupin's and F4A's posts but "with degrees of infestation explicitly set forth"

I you have very recently received your plants and only notice a few on the walls then manual removal will probably work.

If they have propagated to a population whereby they are observable on the walls and well as the plants then the "trap idea" will probably work (along with manual removal).

If you have them like I did (when I did not know what I was initially "dealing with") ie. snails virtually solid on the walls, a bunch on the plants and a bunch of their egg sacks on the walls then in two words "Yoyo Loaches".

Please refer to

Before you possibly procure these loaches please post the size of your tank, water temperature and water parameters.

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