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First Apple Snail Clutch!

Went downstairs to feed the fish and 3 apple snails I have in my 29g, and lift the lid to find my very first clutch on the front glass! Didn't have time to totally investigate, as I had to leave for work, but will check it out closer tonight! Kind of excited! Now if my Platies would just get it on........
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congrats. now where are the pics?

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
Bloat who is a Fahaka puffer
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My bad......I'll try to get a couple pics up tonight.....I'm wondering if it isn't humid enough where they are, as some eggs seem to be drying out. Not that I need a billion snails anyways, but having a few make it would be nice. I'm not overstocked on the 29g, and the 5g only has the betta at the moment, so there is some room for babies to grow out.
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Well here it far, actually doesn't look too bad. A few eggs look dried out, but no more than a couple days ago. This is at day 3, as long as I didn't miss seeing the clutch before...

and the proud momma....or poppa...not sure....

and the I have one other blue apple.
They've been mauling each other for the last 1.5 weeks, so I'm not sure who gave birth.
They're still getting busy alot, so maybe there might be more clutches in the near future....
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Well, I witnessed mom (the golden) laying another smaller clutch about a week ago. Was so excited.
But this morning when I went to feed everyone, mom was on the HOB filter intake, with part of her foot up the intake. I immediately unplugged the filter, and she relaxed a bit, but didn't move from the intake tube. I had to go to work, so I told my wife not to plug the filter back in until the snail had moved away from the intake.
She just called to say that she had fallen down to the ground earlier this morning and has not moved since. Doesn't sound good. I suppose she has left her legacy on the wall of my tank a couple times at least.
I hope they hatch. Clutch one has been a couple weeks. Starting to darken a bit. Hopefully soon.
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Don't give up on the mom just yet. Sometimes, especially after going through something stressful like that, they'll stay put for quite a while before going about their business as usual.

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You were right on the money, Iamntbatman. She was back up on the wall (with a male climbing all over her again) when I got home from work. This morning she's still dozing, nestled in some Java Moss on the other side of the tank. Hopefully ok.
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